10-minute workout to improve running coordination

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When you run, you need to maintain your stride, arm swing, breathing, and balance while navigating the world of distractions around you. Which means a critical component to a successful run is your coordination.

Coordination is your ability to move smoothly, quickly and with control. And it’s actually something you can train with practice.

Enter: shoes. Well + Goods New Coach of the Month Club In the video, Barry’s coach and marathon runner Sasha Handal will lead you through a series of exercises to strengthen and activate the muscles important to your run, including your core, quads, hamstrings, and more. But he’ll challenge your coordination with the addition of a shoe that weaves, down, up and through your body.

For example, you’ll do a lunge exercise, which is already working your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. But to add an extra dimension to the movement you pass the shoe under and over your bent front foot.

“This pass is just enough time to add some tension to the front leg and load the muscles you’ll need after the start of the run,” says Handal.

You’ll thread the shoe under your side in side planks, weave it into your leg in a squat, press it in front of you to activate your upper body, lift it over your hip to meet your leg in a side crunch, and more.

Of course, the shoe doesn’t have to be a literal shoe. You just need to grab something light and small enough to hold comfortably in one hand. If you’re a runner, using shoes will remind you of what your goal is.

“The shoe makes it more exciting and more motivating to get you out the door and onto the pavement for your run,” says Handal.

In this case, three shoes are better than two!

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