10 Ways to Make Wellness a Priority

According to some studies, the tradition of New Year’s resolutions dates back 4,000 years. Unfortunately, breaking your resolutions is almost as old a tradition…and it can be a really bad way to start the year.

Being good is a good thing. But being good at the cost of self-esteem can be harmful. This is why so many people try and fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions.

Let’s try something different

There is an alternative to this model of self-judgment driven by the economy of imperfection: prioritizing well-being. Directly related to fitness and diet, it appreciates who you are now, as well as the changes you want to make.

So we propose a new tradition, where this New Year’s ritual based on goals motivated by feelings of guilt, deprivation and ultimately failure is replaced by appreciating ourselves for who we are and appreciating the small choices we can make. Improve our lives.

It is “International Wellness Priorities Month”. A month in which we will pay special attention to 10 small moments in everyday life that can help us move towards the life we ​​want to lead.

Prioritizing wellness is a learned skill

Practicing wellness first leads to good choices.

So instead of exercising because you’re unhappy with yourself, you’re exercising because you value yourself.

Instead of making strict diet choices to lose weight or feed your emotions without considering the consequences to your feelings, you’ll make choices to take care of yourself.

By making wellness a priority, you can’t fail

No matter how regular you are, every day in January is an opportunity for success. You just need to know 10 small moments that can have a huge impact on your wellness priorities.

Print or bookmark this list, and give it a try.

Spend the first month of 2023 showing who you are and feel good from day one!

10 small moments in your daily wellness priority routine

1. Get on the first ring

A really brief moment, of course, but so important! It’s at this point that your alarm goes off that you decide what kind of day you’re going to have.

Like to hit snooze? Then you start the day late and undermine your wellness priority. (How many times have you whipped yourself for this?)

But if you manage to get up in the first hour, you’ll immediately start the day with a higher priority for wellness.

2. Start with the hardest

Do you need to do something today but want to put it off? Start with that. Maybe it’s your daily workout, or meditation, or it’s tackling a difficult work problem.

Putting it off or ignoring it will only take you away from your wellness priorities. Start with this to keep your wellness priority high.

3. Make time for breakfast

People are making protein shakes for breakfast

Did you know that breakfast is the most neglected meal of the day? This often results in a certain laziness and feeling of being left behind, in other words, the priority of being healthy at half mast.

Take time to enjoy a breakfast that matches your goals for the morning. Then you take time for yourself, and prioritize your well-being.

4. Replace negative energy with healthy energy

Most of the options available to us for morning refueling are heavy with chemical sweeteners, preservatives and artificial colors. Instead of limiting ourselves to caffeine to stimulate us, we load ourselves with toxins that the body must process to eliminate.

It adds extra stress to the daily stress we already experience and distracts us from prioritizing wellness.

Healthy, tested and certified options can give you what you’re looking for, low toxins and wellness priorities.

5. Plan your lunch the night before

People are cutting vegetables  Meal plan for abs

“Failure to plan is planning to fail. If you don’t plan ahead what to eat for lunch, you’re more likely to feel pressured to choose what’s available at that time. These are often foods you would never choose as part of your well-designed meal plan.

You don’t want to end your lunch by getting your wellness priorities off on the wrong foot.

By planning your daily routine (and your lunch) in advance, you increase your chances of making choices that improve your well-being and are good for you. It allows you to grow, thrive and maintain a high wellness priority.

6. Replace afternoon snacks with superfood-rich desserts

It’s around 3 a.m. that you’re more likely to reach for a sweet craving or a snack to satisfy a craving. You work hard. You deserve a little joy! Morning caffeine no longer works.

Discipline is a good muscle to exercise if sugar cravings are just a habit. But maybe you really need a little push for the rest of the day. The solution is not to deprive yourself.

Rather, it’s about replacing unhealthy foods (such as processed snacks or high-sugar coffee drinks) with a superfood-rich dessert: a healthy snack rich in protein, superfoods, and fiber.

Making this small change in your routine will make a big difference in how you feel every day.

7. Power supply

Encouraging people by putting their hands on other people's shoulders  health respect

There are some people who give energy, and others who take it. The paradox is that people who give positive energy to others also receive positive energy in return.

When you lack positive energy, you feel like your wellness priority is at an all-time low.

Find a way to give positive energy: Prioritize your well-being and reinforce it to others.

8. Take time for reflection after your day at work

Think about what you do in a day. You perform many tasks. You are interacting with other people. You solve the problem. You solve the crisis. You celebrate small victories, then get back to work.

If you don’t take the time to appreciate everything you do in a day, it’s easy to take it for granted – or worse, never give yourself any credit.

Then you risk sinking into depression, which can lead to burnout.

So before you leave the office, before you close your laptop for the day, answer these three questions: What did I accomplish today? Any new questions I’m waiting for answers tomorrow? What did you like about me today?

9. Slow down at dinner

Dinner is taken lightly, when it should be family time to relax, ask questions. Often, however, it’s just another meal we ship.

By slowing down and making this moment an intentional experience, you create a pleasant change at the end of the day. Eating more slowly will even help improve your digestion.

Take time to look at what you and your family have done today.

Take time to appreciate food and savor it. The word “enjoy” means to value.

Something as small as slowing down dinner to live 100% in the present moment will allow you to prioritize wellness.

10. Turn off the screen 30 minutes before bed

Tonight already defines how you will feel tomorrow. Blue light before bed and the distraction of phones, TVs and computers disrupt melatonin production and your sleep cycle.

After a bad night, it’s hard to get up with a high wellness priority. Try reading or journaling instead.

Talk and bond with your partner, kids or loved ones. When was the last time you went out to see the night sky?

You may be able to take time out of bed to reflect on the day, but do it early enough to allow yourself to relax when your sleep clock starts.

The fact is: if you can get away from blue light 30 minutes before bed, you’ll sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed with higher wellness priorities.

A little bonus moment to take any time of the day:

Woman high-fiving herself in the mirror  health respect

The most important thing you can do to increase your wellness priority is to not be too hard on yourself.

You are a human being, trying your best to do your best. You did not receive an instruction manual.

You discover life for yourself every day and in a unique way. So even if you haven’t yet followed any of the previous suggestions, you can put it off.

Take a moment, whenever you want, and just welcome the feeling of self-appreciation.

Tomorrow is another day, and you deserve to know and remember how great you are.

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