12 Health-Forward Holiday Ornaments (Yes, Really)

This holiday season, you can put some candy canes on the tree… or you can celebrate your hard work and perseverance by finding the perfect spot for your overnight-oats ornament.

This list of health-minded ornaments is sure to add a little festive fitness to your holiday.

This cute little cup of Greek yogurt is a great way to pay homage to your favorite breakfast treat.

This ornament really captures the cyclist in you, right down to your shiny jumper and your shiny legs.

Because you love vegetables and you’re not afraid to admit it.

We who need coffee to get through our day.

If there is a small glass shoe, it should be a shoe that is designed for running.

He sees you when you are fishing, He knows when you are awake…

How many millennia does it take to decorate a tree?

Think how strong Santa’s thighs must be. All those chimneys.

Here’s a little bit of Zen for you. When your relatives start getting too much, just focus on it and pretend you’re in your favorite studio.

And here’s an even less subtle reminder that you’d rather be doing yoga.

If your favorite way to get active on the weekend is a round of golf, there’s no better ornament.

Do a triathlon in the new year? All you need is running shoes and cyclists (above).

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