13 Best Cross-Training Shoes, Named by Trainer 2022

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If you love to break a sweat, chances are you have a favorite child. Maybe running makes you feel most alive, or you wish you could spend every day in the boxing ring. Whatever exercise you consider your favorite, you probably know (assuming you’re here) that cross-training. essential To prevent injury and ensure you stick with that workout well in the future. And if you want to bolster your daily training with add-ons like high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or strength training, you should recommend one (or more) cross-training shoe trainers. all time.

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Having the right footwear not only keeps your feet comfortable, but it can take your workout to the next level — you just need to know what to look for.

But first: what is Cross training, right? The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons defines cross-training as “a way to vary your fitness program by combining different types of exercise activities.” Basically, you can think of it as athletic insurance that guarantees you’re working out per part of your body, so no part suffers from overuse. (For example, if tennis is your jam, you risk overusing your elbows and shoulders.)

“Choosing a workout routine that compliments your main physical activity preferences is vital and can make you happier than a random training cycle.” Jose Duncan Jr, an instructor at Crunch Gym, previously told Well+Good. Not to mention, you may find that there are more movement styles that you enjoy beyond the one you originally fell in love with.

If you’re ready to start changing your workout regimen, you have options: You can strength train a few days a week, go through a HIIT workout, or sign up for a dance cardio class. Whatever you choose, have fun and make sure you have the right shoes! We’ve got trainers—including Pilates instructors, weightlifting enthusiasts, and running coaches—named after their cross-training shoes.

Shop the best cross-training shoes for women

Asics Gel Kayano 28 – $120.00

“The Asics Gel Kayano 28s have just the right amount of cushioning and support for all the jumping and cardio, but I can still feel my feet on the floor for our low-impact scalp classes,” says Natalie Vatalaro, training director at Dancebody – a dance-based workout studio. . “A perfect blend for every type of training!”

These Asics are preloaded with a mesh upper to keep your feet cool, as well as a dynamic DuoMax support system to keep you feeling stable and supportive.

Available sizes: 5 to 13 in US women

Nike Free Metcon 4 Training Shoes – $120.00

“I love that the soles are flat so you feel stable and grounded during the lift, but also have enough cushioning to soften your landing during high-impact moves,” says Jordan Galloway, Well+Good editor and Good Day Pilates instructor.

The Nike Free sole is designed with flex grooves in the tread that mimic the natural movement of your foot and a removable cushioned insole that will allow you to insert your own custom orthotics.

Available sizes: 5 to 12

Reebok Nano X2 Women’s Training Shoes – $135.00

Maillard Howell, CrossFit trainer and head of fitness at Reebok, recommends the Reebok Nano X2s for heavy lifting. “[They have a] The sole and heel are very stable for my lifting movements, but the toe box is not as wide as most crosstraining shoes, and they have the flexibility of a forward running shoe,” he says.

Slip them on, and you’ll find that the Floatride cushion in the forefoot powers your every step. The Flexweave knit upper, meanwhile, keeps your feet protected no matter how many jump squats and lunges you’ve programmed for today.

Available sizes: 6 to 11 in US women

Cloud X Running – $140.00

“I’m a runner, professional coach, fitness instructor and die-hard gym rat. I needed a shoe that would allow me to easily transition from the street to the treadmill, to the power floor, and teach a studio class without missing a step,” said Schoen instructor Jason Schneider. And this is it.

These lightweight kicks are built for versatile workouts and feature an engineered mesh upper with a woven pattern that’s breathable, durable and easy to move around.

Available sizes: 7 to 14 in US women

Saucony Women’s Ride ISO 2

“Ankle support is number one for me when it comes to a cross-trainer, so I actually go for a stability-driven shoe,” says Equinox spin and strength training instructor Clayton Bakaloo. “I have three pairs and I love them. I need to be able to transition from agility training to endurance training in one workout session. The most important part of my cross-training footwear is my Align Inserts, which are suspension-zoned performance inserts designed primarily for X-Games athletes and equalize any selection of cross-training shoes.”

If you’re someone who supinates—that is, your heel doesn’t go very far when you hit the ground or ground—the improved healing of this shoe will help keep your form intact. The PWRFOAM midsole also absorbs the impact of your movement, protecting your joints.

Available sizes: 5 to 12 in US women

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 — $160.00

“Ultimately, a good cross trainer should be comfortable, supportive, flexible and effective,” says Pamela Trujillo, NASM, SLT, an instructor by trade. “The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus features a midfoot band that integrates Nike’s Flywire technology, which keeps your foot secure. They’re highly breathable and lightweight, on top of being comfortable and flexible, with a durable, thick outsole that provides excellent traction.” Best of all: They also have great Running shoes, so you don’t have to buy multiple pairs of sneakers if you don’t want to.

This shoe is equipped with Flywire technology in the midfoot to keep your foot in place and the mesh upper enhances breathability.

Sizes available: 5 to 12 in US women

Asics Gel Nimbus 24 — $160.00

“I love this shoe because it’s supportive enough for intense cardio and jumping, but it’s not too heavy like other sneakers,” says DanceBody Training Manager Emily Sindoni. “I want to feel like I’m walking on air, but I don’t want to feel like I’m wearing moon shoes all day! This shoe is light enough for fast, fancy footwork and allows me to feel the floor and ground for balance and sculpting.”

FLYTEFOAM cushioning provides impact absorption and reflective detailing to keep you protected during early morning or late evening training sessions.

Sindoni recommends sizing up for the perfect fit.

Available sizes: 5 to 13 in US women

Into high intensity interval training? Try the best shoes for HIIT running on for size

Adidas Dropset Trainers – $78.00

This simple pair of trainers from Adidas are on sale and come with high-traction soles to keep you from slipping and sliding through your HIIT workouts. Made with 50 percent recycled materials, better for the environment, this shoe has high traction and a flexible upper that stretches over the foot for a comfortable fit.

This sneaker has many five-star reviews to back it up, and everyone says they fit true to size. win, win

Available sizes: 5 to 11 in US women

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Super Rep 2 Training Shoe – $120.00

Nike Air Zoom Super Reps are my favorite for HIIT workouts,” says Bridget O’Carroll, founder of on-demand Pilates workout studio Keela. “They are super cushioned and supportive, perfect for impact absorption. They also have a pretty unique sole that provides a lot of stability, which is especially helpful for someone with a past ankle injury.” The mesh upper of this shoe keeps your foot in place as you go through different movements, and the rubber tread no matter what surface you’re working on. Provides plenty of traction.

Available sizes: 5 to 11 in US women

Lululemon Chargefeel Mid Women’s Workout Shoe — $148.00

Full transparency: I am no A fitness instructor, but Lululemon’s newly released cross-trainers are my new favorite shoes to rock in HIIT class. As someone with sensitive ankles, I’m constantly worried about the toll lateral movements (like side lunges) take on my body. The soft, woven turtleneck is made with an engineered mesh, and these sneakers make every rep feel secure. Plus, the dual-density midsole has a springy feel that’s really, well, charge your workouts.

Available sizes: 5 to 11 in US women

APL Techloom Breeze Sneaker — $220.00

Although I couldn’t get a hold of Obe Fitness instructor Dorian Cervantes, I took his classes so he always sported these white, slipper-esque APL sneakers. These sneakers’ slim silhouette keeps you close to the ground, has a textile upper for breathability and features a lace-up front, so you’ll never have to tie your shoes again.

Available sizes: 5 to 10 of US women

Saish One Sneaker — $150.00

Designed by track star Allison Felix, these shoes are unique in their category. If you’re expecting, Saysh One’s impressive maternity return policy will allow you to exchange your pair for a new size if you outgrow them. This means you can smash all of your cross-training goals through your pregnancy… without having to buy a new pair of kicks every few months.

Thanks to the design of these shoes, you’ll enjoy a breathable soft microsuede fit that’s soft to the touch and a molded heal that molds to the unique shape of your food.

Available sizes: 5.5 to 11 in US women

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