14 Game-Changing Kitchen Gadgets That Won’t Break the Bank

Some days, cooking healthy meals at home seems like too much work.

It can be tempting to skip all the cutting, slicing, dicing, baking and boiling and get takeout instead. But having the right kitchen equipment can make all the difference.

These game-changing kitchen gadgets can save time and make meal prep easier — and they might inspire you to try some new recipes.

Avocado Slicer |  Affordable kitchen appliances

File it under “things you never know you need”: This kitchen gadget lets you quickly open an avocado, scoop out the pit, and slice it into perfect sections.

Hand Blender |  Affordable kitchen appliances

We love a good superfood smoothie or protein shake – but we no Love to clean the blender afterwards.

This handheld immersion blender makes it easy to blend fruits and vegetables for drinks, sauces and soups — and the attachments are all dishwasher-safe.

(One caveat: When it comes to ice cubes, it doesn’t have the pulverizing power of a full-size blender.)

Herb scissors  Affordable kitchen appliances

Herbs can add flavor (and plenty of other health benefits) to your meals — and these five-blade herb scissors let you get through the chops five times faster.

Embrace food  Affordable kitchen appliances

These silicone “food huggers” help turn your chopped veggies and half-eaten cans of food into a spicy science experiment in the fridge (at least for a little while).

Knife sharpener  Affordable kitchen appliances

Chopping vegetables for meal prep becomes a lot faster when you’re using a properly sharpened knife, and this two-step sharpener will keep your blades up to the job. (Hubbard squash? Bring it on!)

Instant pot  Affordable kitchen appliances

There’s a reason people are so obsessed with this multi-use tool.

The pressure-cooker function makes it easy to throw together a healthy dinner in minutes – and it can also be used as a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan or warmer.

Best of all: only one container to clean when you’re done!

Burger Press  Affordable kitchen appliances

Whether you’re making turkey burgers, beef sliders, veggie burgers or Beyond Burgers, this simple, nonstick kitchen gadget creates perfect, restaurant-worthy patties.

Food Shredder Claw |  Affordable kitchen appliances

Channel your inner wolverine with BPA-free, dishwasher-safe “claws” that make shredding chicken, pork or beef easier (and, let’s be honest, more fun).

Pasta measurements  Affordable kitchen appliances

you in mind You’ve got just the right amount of dry spaghetti, but then you’ll end up with enough leftovers to carb-load for an Ironman.

Take the guesswork out with this handy tool that measures the perfect portion size of pasta every time.

Herbal Stiper  Affordable kitchen appliances

This helpful gadget quickly removes kale, chard, oregano and other leaves and herbs from their stems, so it’s easy to get more greens into your diet.

Onion glasses  Affordable kitchen appliances

Do these glasses look a little ridiculous? Sure — but before you squint your eyes with an onion for your breakfast for the first time, you’ll be glad you found them in your kitchen drawer.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker |  Affordable kitchen appliances

No need to juggle two skillets and a toaster to whip up a healthy breakfast sandwich — this non-stick sandwich maker cooks your bread, pre-cooked meats, eggs, cheese and other fixings together.

Insert the rubber lid  Affordable kitchen appliances

You know when you open the lid of your pot to let out some steam, but it keeps sliding back into place and boiling?

These tiny rubber people keep your lids in place — and, bonus, they’re adorable.

wok |  Affordable kitchen appliances

Of course, you can make some delicious and healthy Chinese recipes in a regular old frying pan.

But a wok is definitely the right tool for the job — it cooks evenly, and you can stir your vegetables quickly and easily without worrying about spills on the stove.

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