15 Ripped Celebrity Women Who Define #StrongIsSexy

With fashion magazines long ago surrendering their status as sole arbiters of style and trends to the more egalitarian Instagram, the culture has broadened its definition of what’s beautiful and sexy.

What’s more, the old way of worshiping at the altar of “skinny” has been mercifully cast aside as fitness-as-lifestyle has made the strong, muscular body the new goal.

From actors to musicians to athletes, celebrities are wearing the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet on their sleeves (or rather, their biceps) and are inspiring people to aim to get fitter.

These are frames built for action and built for endurance, whatever the challenge. So, please, feel free to flex at home as well.

1. Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander

You know from him: the movies ex machine, grave raiderAnd Light in the ocean.

Alicia used the Magnus method of interval training while preparing to play the iconic video game heroine Lara Croft in 2018. grave raider Reboot, putting on 16 pounds of muscle in the process.

The Swedish-born actress has a dance background, which contributes to her petite (she clocks in at 5’5″) but muscular frame.

He has done a fair amount of mixed martial arts training as well grave raider — her first major action role — will ask her to portray a woman who struggles to survive in the harshest environment

2. Brie Larson

You know from him: the movies Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, the roomAnd Kong: Skull Island.

When you’re asked to play a superhero, you know you need to bulk up. When you’re asked to play, literally, one of Marvel Comics the most powerful Superhero, you really Things need to be stepped up.

Larson, better known for quiet dramas the room And The glass castle Before donning Captain Marvel’s flight suit, the whole thing goes — right down to pushing a jeep up a mountain.

When you do that work, you naturally want to see results.

3. Teyana Taylor

You know from him: VH-1 reality series Teyana and ImanKanye West’s “Fade” Video, TV series hit the floor.

The singer, dancer and actress stopped everyone in their tracks when Kanye West released “Fade” — an appropriately gym-set music video that showcases Taylor’s gym-toned body so effectively that she even released her own exercise program called Fade2Fit.

Taylor said Women’s Health She prefers dance- and movement-based exercises to straight weight lifting because of her natural inclination to build muscle.

4. Angela Bassett

You know from him: Malcolm X, What does love have to do with it?, How Stella got her groove back, Waiting to exhale, and more recently, black leopard And Mission Impossible: Fallout.

If there were some kind of honorary Oscar or Lifetime Achievement award for making impeccably toned and muscular arms a red carpet must, it would go to Ms. Bassett.

Press for time mission impossibleHe credits his fitness more to diet than exercise: “You can outdo any exercise routine.”

5. Hilary Knight

You know from him: Seven-time Olympic and IIHF gold medalist with the US National Women’s Hockey Team, Isobel Cup champion with the NWHL’s Boston Pride, former member of the CWHL’s Les Canadiennes de Montreal.

One of the world’s greatest hockey players, Knight has done much to promote the sport in his home country and internationally.

In 2014, he was featured in ESPN Magazinediscusses its “body” problem, and the problem of body types: “This image of athletic women is short and petite—the yoga body type.”

“Women in general, we tend to shrink ourselves and not have as much confidence as we should in presenting ourselves and our body types. It’s okay to be fit and healthy and comfortable in your body, no matter what your frame is.”

“Since gaining 15 pounds to stay on top of my sport [for the Olympics]I tried to break the body image that muscles are not feminine.”

6. Beyonce

You know from him: Really?

A quintuple threat icon — singer, dancer, actress, producer, walking event — Beyoncé Knowles mixes weights, yoga and running (in addition to legendary high-energy stage performances like her halftime appearance at Super Bowl XLVII) to improve her body shape. and muscles.

She also experimented with different diets (going vegan at one point), and sometimes came under fire for being a bit extreme.

But he and trainer Marco Borges try to mix intervals and circuit training into his routine to maintain his fitness and strength.

7. Emily Blunt

Emily is blunt
Warner Bros

You know from him: film Edge of Tomorrow, Mary Poppins Returns, The Devil Wears PradaAnd A quiet place.

English actress – who forever made a name for herself as a fashionista The Devil Wears Prada — surprised everyone when she got jacked for her role opposite Tom Cruise in the sci-fi action flick Edge of Tomorrow.

The actress underwent three months of intense training, which included martial arts as well as weapons and cable work. The actress wore a weighted vest to mimic the battle armor she will wear in the film.

she said USA Today Time: “It was six days a week, two and a half hours a day. It was brutal at first and then became addictive. I wanted to see him lethal and I wanted to go all the way.”

8. Lindsay Vonn

You know from him: An Olympic gold medalist downhill skier (2010 Winter Games), she won a record eight World Cup season titles and was one of only two female skiers to win four World Cup overall championships.

For an Olympian and world-class athlete like Vonn, hitting the gym, according to her trainer Alex Bunt, “five to six days a week, year-round” isn’t really all that shocking.

Vaughn and Bunt split his training, according to an interview with Bunt For Women’s HealthIn strength and agility training.

Vonn’s Instagram account is essentially a muscle-building tutorial, and her modeling work has helped push strong, healthy, muscular bodies into the spotlight.

9. Evangeline Lilly

You know from him: TV series missing and epic action adventure The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, ant people, Ant-Man and the WaspAnd Avengers: Endgame.

There is a unique moment in the Marvel Studios film ant people Where it’s Lily’s Hope Pym who has to train protagonist Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) how to fight like a superhero.

It was something Lily took seriously and trained intensely, often taking to Twitter and Instagram to show it off Impressive profits.

10. Carrie Underwood

You know from him: The winner is the singer-songwriter American Idol in 2005 and quickly became a country music superstar.

“I’ve been pretty consistent with exercise over the last few years,” Underwood said self Magazine in 2012. If I had stayed that way, it wouldn’t have ended well! I’m from the South, where there’s a lot of fried food and it’s bound to show.”

Underwood follows a vegetarian diet and, along with her former NHL star husband Mike Fisher, has adopted an active, athletic lifestyle that shows.

11. Zoe Saldana

You know from him: film avatar, Avenger, Guardians of the GalaxyAnd Star Trek.

Between traveling, 16-hour shooting days, and raising three boys at home, Zoe Saldana has to fit fitness into her schedule.

“I try to work out three times a week, but… I don’t really like to be strict with my workouts,” she said shape magazine

Saldana also ditches diets and “cheat” meals so that she worries less about food and more about the things that matter to her.

12. Julian Hough

You know from him: A dancer, singer and actress, she has appeared dancing with the stars, America has talentand 2011 footloose Remake

Hough has always been a dancer first and foremost, and her training shows itself in her slim but muscular build.

Dance has helped her build tremendous core strength and she uses this as the basis for her own dance/workout tips. She also mixes weight training with yoga, which she considers a form of active recovery.

13. Gabriel Union

You know from him: This actress appeared in the film bring it i amAnd brokenAnd upcoming headlines bad boys Spinoff TV series The best of LA.

Union’s strong arms and shoulders make her something of a fitness icon, an idea she readily embraces on her Instagram account, showing off her intense (and sometimes competitive) workouts with her husband, former NBA star Dwyane Wade.

He does plyometrics and lots of cardio like running, biking and stair climbing.

14. Aly Raisman

You know from him: This Olympic gymnast competed in the 2012 and 2016 Summer Games, winning gold and silver, respectively.

In 2016, Raisman was the oldest member of the US Gymnastics team…at 21 years old. Still, the intensity of his workouts had him talking to ESPN like a seasoned veteran.

“I think I’m smarter and wiser now, so I’m able to understand the importance of staying hydrated and nutrition and the recovery process. But of course my body is a little more sore than before.”

He further elaborated that the diet was supplemented by many, many hours at the gym – downing lemonade for his metabolism, eating lots of fish and avoiding processed foods, and snacking instead on lots of fruit.

15. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama
Pete Souza/White House

You know from him: Former First Lady of the United States.

It’s not uncommon for first ladies to be style icons, but for Mrs. Obama, it was more about her toned and strong body type that she nailed it.

Her arms became a mini national obsession, and she combined her personal interest in fitness and her platform to lobby for health education for children with her Let’s Move! initiative

For arms, he was seen pushing 35 seconds on the incline press.

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