17-Minute Lower Body Pilates Workout for Strong Gluten

IIf you’re looking for a short, effective, low-body Pilates workout, this latest episode of Well + Good Pilates with East River Pilates instructor Brian Spencer offers just that. This 17-minute glute workout will make you feel burnt while building muscle in your lower body. Spencer also wears an amazing twist in the video: the bangle bangle — controlled wrist or ankle weight that adds a lil extra omph to the body weight exercise.

Strong glute has many benefits to the whole body, believe it or not. For example, Lawrence Agener, PT, DPT previously told Well + Good that lower back pain, getting tired easily from standing, and getting tired from stairs are all symptoms of a weak glute. Strengthening these large, lower body muscles can support your movements better as you sit, stand and walk.

For this workout, Spencer starts with some simple squats so that your circulation flows through your lower body and awakens your buttocks, glutes, hamstrings and calves. The squats then move to some pulse squats, including side scooters, bringing your toes closer to you and away, where you begin to feel a burning sensation in your gums and thighs as you challenge your core.

Some of the exercises included in the video are the side lungs in the cortex lunge, which targets the buttocks muscles on your side and the outer buttocks. These are done to stand and support most of your body weight on one leg, while you extend the other straight to the side (lunge!), Then cross it with a diagonal behind you, which will illuminate your inner thighs and examine you. Balance

You’ll also get some ass kick and hamstring curls at home on your glute max muscles. These are your biggest butt muscles, and they support you when you stand, sit, run, walk, climb stairs, among other types of daily movements. They are supported by your hamstrings, which is why you want them to be strong too. Both of these steps are performed from the four positions on the arms and knees. You will lift and lower your curved leg towards the ceiling for your ass kick and straighten and bend your leg for your hamstring curls before lifting it.

You will be able to go through a long stream of exercises in all fours designed to really dial your legs and glutes through dynamic movements that will test your muscular endurance and help you build more.

This workout is fun, if a little challenging, so at the end of the session, Spencer wraps up this low-body Pilates workout in a calm baby pose to reward the audience for all their hard work.

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