19 Things You Didn’t Know About Andrea Rogers

If you’re a fan of barre workouts, you’re probably familiar with Andrea Rogers and her famous barre workout program, Extend Barre, and her other extend barre programs: XB Pilates, Xtend Barre Express, and XB Stretch.

but what do you do really Know about the woman behind the bar?

Get to know Andrea, from her guilty pleasures to her idea of ​​a perfect day.

19 Things You Didn’t Know About Me… by Andrea Rogers

1.My Favorite Food: Fish tacos, preferably by the ocean with an umbrella and a drink!

2.My favorite food: Despite my deep love for seafood, I don’t like scallops, but I’m not giving up, I’ll keep trying.

3.My idea of ​​a perfect meal: Stone crab appetizer, a white fish or filet for an entree with asparagus and a small portion of pasta, finished with a raspberry or lemon sorbet. OK, now I’m hungry!

4.What motivates me when I’m not in the mood to exercise or eat healthy:

I see motivation as a perpetual cycle that begins with action, not mindset. This is what I call, “Just press play.”

Here’s how I boil it down: Motivation comes from doing hard things—taking action in mind, right out of the gate. From that action, you will get positive results.

This then leads to an inspirational mindset. You will naturally want to continue. It’s that momentum we talk about. It’s about getting things moving. Start by taking the hard steps.

5.My guilty pleasure: Oh, I love these coconut chocolate ice cream bars with almonds, they are so good!

6.One thing I’m really good at:I think I’m good at “pushing play” and not giving up. I learned how to pivot (or as the dance term calls it, “push-turn”) with the best of them. Building a business and rebuilding my life.

I believe in facing things with resilience, authenticity and a full-out feeling. I live by the phrase, “not earned” because that’s how you find your grace, through grit.

7.One thing I’m really bad at:Be patient. I tend to move too fast and sometimes struggle to slow down and give myself some time to relax.

8.How I clear my head after a bad day:I meditate on stretching. It involves flowing through a stretching sequence while focusing on thoughts of gratitude.

It allows me to disconnect from the lingering discomfort while connecting with a positive mindset.

I also use a great app called “Think Up” that helps me refocus my thoughts and realign with my goals and all the wonderful ordinary around me.

9. Songs (or types of music) that always put me in a good mood:“You Get What You Pay For” by New Radicals. This song always reminds me to keep pushing and enjoy every step along the way.

10. Talents I wish I had the most:Sing! Oh, I wish I had Celine Dion’s voice!

11.Who I admire and why:I appreciate all the hardworking women who have taken on the roles of partner, mother, caregiver and often full-time worker during these past two years of the pandemic.

Women who are trying to have it all, have it all, be their best selves and be the foundation of their families. I see you, you are a great girl!

12.The qualities I most admire in someone are:Honesty. Generosity. determination

13. Things I value most among my friends:I’m so thankful to be surrounded by an incredible crew — friends who believe in me, support me, are honest with me, who have my back, help girls and see me through some of the most challenging times in my life, and who encourage me.

Since I don’t live near my family, my friends have become family and a big part of my life.

14.Three qualities that got me where I am today:Endurance. creativity Generosity.

15.I would like to see that change in my art:I would like to see more value placed on the importance of health and exercise for our children.

Instilling this value from an early age, teaching our children that moving your body and eating healthy foods is non-negotiable, just like brushing your teeth.

Making movement easier but more importantly, educating our youth on why it’s important to fuel their bodies with nutritious food and exercise, building habits from a young age that will stay with them for life.

16. The best advice I got:“Don’t let it sink into your spirit.” This is what my mother used to tell me whenever I faced a challenge. He taught me to move forward and he always told me to “sparkle and shine”.

17.The best advice I can give anyone:only press game. In every role of your life. Don’t let excuses, fear or judgment stop you from taking action and making progress.

18.My biggest achievements are:Raising two kinds of girls, brave and grateful.

19.My idea of ​​a perfect day:Morning stretches include my favorite matcha (with daily mantra) and late-morning breakfast (room service, please!).

A workout with friends, preferably outside (Barry at the Beach is my favorite) followed by an outdoor activity: hiking or biking to enjoy the beauty around us.

Afternoon shopping with my girls, enjoying all the sites and surroundings. A wonderful dinner shared with the people I love. Dancing after dinner, laughing, loving, living full-out with feelings. Location doesn’t matter, just people!

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