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T.Here are some poses – or “seats” – that you can’t do Yoga Except. There are baby poses, cat-cows and (of course) downward dogs, but the lungs are also an essential part of any yoga practice. In this week’s episode The right wayYoga Instructor and Mirror Instructor Palin Anis has shown you how to do a high lunge pose (or “octahedral lunar posture”) correctly, so that your yoga can be at a foundation point.

Lunge posture challenges your whole body, but your legs do the job. “High lingerie poses are great for strengthening your lower body. We’re building strength and stamina in our quadriceps, in our hamstrings, in our hip flexors. And it’s a very dynamic posture when you’re doing it right,” says a beautiful.

That said, Ashta Chandrasana has a lot of moving pieces and if you don’t do it right, you can start to feel tension and pain in your body (which is why No. What are we trying to do here). According to Anis, people do the same three lunge poses over and over again, so let’s see if any of them seem familiar, what do we do?

Wrong way: Really leaning forward a lot

The first mistake Anis sees is that people push their torsos too far into their lanyards. It leaves your body out of balance and ends up pushing the weight of your front legs. Remember, you want to work hard on both legs here. Widen your legs until you feel grounded, then take a moment to find a place where your weight is evenly distributed between your front legs and your hind legs.

Wrong way: Tilt your pelvis

“The second common mistake is a pelvis that is tilted forward or backward, not neutral, creating crunching in our lower back,” says Anis. Instead of allowing your pelvis to bend, engage your core to protect your spine. You can place your hands on the points of your buttocks to help guide them to a more neutral alignment. I know, I know: the posture has become much harder.

Wrong way:

After all, Anis often sees people climbing on top and wearing “shoulder earrings” as they extend their arms over their heads. It compresses the neck and shoulders and creates unnecessary tension in a part of your body that is already suffering from the text neck. Lower your shoulders to relax your neck and keep your shoulder blades back like wings.

Check out the full video to see how your eight moons measure up, then you’re ready to flow.

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