5 Inspirational AAPI to follow influential

From Olympic swimmers and pro golfers to MMA champions and personal trainers, the Asian American and Pacific Islander, or AAPI, the community is heating up Instagram with some seriously inspiring এবং and ambitious content.

These five AAPI social media stars shared glimpses of their passion, skills and their cultural heritage. Here are five reasons why their content should be included in your Instagram feed.

Tisha Alin

িশ Tishalin

The Philippine-American Fitbit Ambassador and premium coach grew up with a golf club in his hands. He became a professional but his career and life was much more than golf.

He is a professional in reincarnation. Tisha started playing golf at the age of three and took part in her first competition at the age of seven. After his college graduation he felt “out” from doing nonstop tours and played his last professional tournament in 2018. He’s still rocking a club like a boss but has dropped the bag to build a career as a social media personality influencer.

He is a (more than) triple threat. Golf Journal Tisha called out “that friend who is indescribably good at everything.” He has acted among professionals, earned a degree in broadcast journalism from Cal State Fullerton, and built a career as a sought-after media personality and commentator.

He is a lawyer. In 2019, Tisha came out. He said Golf Journal That his decision “shook the tradition and culture of being Filipino.” She wanted to make sure that AAPI, LGBTQIA + and other women in the professional golf community have role models and used her platform to be an ardent advocate for LGBTQIA + rights.

She knows how to have fun. Tishar’s 350k Instagram followers know he likes to have a good time, meaning to topgolfing in the hills, doing golf tricks, or moving wherever he goes.

He is honest about his struggles. Growing up, Tisha saw a few AAPI and LGBTQ women in professional sports. He believes that “representation is important” and shares his story and his struggles to encourage other athletes in this community not to be discouraged from pursuing their goals.

Tory Husk


Huske moved from Guangzhou, China to Arlington, Virginia in 1991. Pro Swimmer made a splash debut at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and its Instagram feed is a picture of swimming and sweet pieces of life in equal parts.

She’s a fly. Team USA swimmer is a six-time World Junior Championship medalist who broke the American record for the 100-meter butterfly in just 55.66 seconds during the Olympic Trials in Omaha in June. Huske swam for Team USA at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and won a silver medal in the 4 × 100-meter freestyle relay.

She is creative. Huske listed painting as one of his hobbies and painted a mural of Palo Alto for his senior high school project.

She’s smart. Hussey was admitted to Stanford University and his new year began in the fall of 2021. The world of swimmingHuske says California College is best suited for its athletic and academic goals.

She is a regular student of the college. Between breaking records and qualifying for the Olympics, Husk posted pictures of the college’s regular activities. He participates in football games (and Telgate), poses for silly selfies with his roommates, and hangs out on the beach.

He is a globe-trotter. Most adults have far fewer air miles than husks. He has posted photos from Hawaii, Florida, Virginia, Budapest and of course Tokyo, proving that experiencing the world is always a good idea.

Dennis Marie Antoine


Los Angeles-based Afro-Asian yoga, dance teacher, fitness influencer, and Fitbit instructor teach individual and group classes. She fills her feed with aspiring yoga material.

He has rice. Antoine developed a love of movement while studying classical dance, crediting that professional dance training to his athleticism এবং and he has taken steps to prove it.

He is inspiring and ambitious. Antoine has a lot of “wow” posts in impressive poses, but he’s also honest about the journey to success. In a March 30 post, he wrote, “Continue when it’s hard. When you’re tired, be patient. Believe in your journey and remember that sometimes those ’roundabouts’ are important lessons …”

He believes that yoga is a practice. Antoine has mastered tricks that can scare even experienced yogis, but he is committed to daily practice and shares #workinprogress updates as he practices new tricks.

He is a survivor. Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Antoine survived a kidnapping attempt. Experience led him to prioritize investing in youth and survivors of childhood trauma.

He believes in inclusion. Antoine, who used his platform to share his thoughts on Creole and Korean heritage, Martin Luther King and #BlackLivesMatter. In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth, Antoine participated in an enlightened fitbit chat about identity, inclusion and intersection, sharing her thoughts through her life experience as an Afro-Asian female entrepreneur.

Lindy May


Lindy May was born in Taiwan and had a successful international modeling career but ran a catwalk business for pull-ups when she moved to San Francisco in the 20’s. The personal trainer shared his workout and toned physique with 96.8 thousand Instagram followers.

Shine through its power. It is no accident that May has adopted the lift brand with Lindy. He is a certified personal trainer who demonstrates one-handed pull-ups, one-handed shoulder pressure and some serious heavy weights.

He wants his followers to eat more, not less. Mei is adamant: “To build muscle, you must fuel your body properly.” He talked about the benefits of gaining a few pounds and did a show before / after the photo, adding, “I was skinny. Really skinny. But also, lean fat. ”Changing her gym routine and eating habits has given her the toned look of her choice.

She is not afraid to share her opinion. Followers who scroll through May’s Instagram feed will see her wearing her sleeves (and her back) with her vision. Her posts include pictures of May wearing a T-shirt with the words, “Fame labor is not free” and shorts with “Vegan boots” on the back.

He is a good round athlete: Mei may be best known for lifting weights, but her Instagram feed is full of pictures of her engaging in activities ranging from boxing and hiking to surfing, archery and pole dancing সমস্ত all sports that require strength and discipline that she mastered. Weight room.

He distinguishes between work and training. One follower asked if he worked or trained. May Trains: She designs workout programs to help her achieve specific goals instead of jogging the treadmill for 30 minutes to check the “workout” on her to-do list – and she does the same with her clients.

Gianni Subba

@ Gianisubba

In this corner, Malaysian martial artist and Pro Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, fighter Gianni Subba shows what it takes to be successful in the ring and beyond. He started taking taekwondo classes at the age of 11 to learn discipline, loyalty and respect before pursuing a pro-fighting career.

He is a family man. Mixed martial arts is a family affair. Subba’s brother Kianu is also an MMA pro, and the pair spend a lot of time training together. Subba’s Instagram feed is filled with photos of the hanging champ with his family and friends.

She is a returning child. After suffering a brain cyst in 2018, Subba was forced to take time off from mixed martial arts. He took on the role of a commentator, calling for action in a championship fight that led to extra gigs in the broadcast booth. He is still hoping to return to the ring but has taken on a new role.

She is willing to learn. Subba has watched YouTube videos to learn MMA and continues to meet in the ring to improve her skills. He recently posted a picture of a training with the comment, “Always a student, never a master.” He has taken the same approach to commenting, taking advice from experts and being willing to learn the ropes.

He is dedicated to giving back. Subba became a professional fighter at just 19 years old. Now, he wants to help others become proficient in the sport. He founded SOMA Fight Club Bali, an Indonesian martial arts gym in 2021 and hopes to train the next world champions.

He is grateful. Of course, Subba throws people out to make a living, but that doesn’t mean he’s cold. Her IG feed reveals scrolled posts, “Just confirm this moment” and “Take this time to express my gratitude for everything I have.”

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