6 hip opening videos to stretch, reset and calm your buttocks

S.Doing our hips some days The Most. Whether we go out for a big run or spend a long time sitting at the computer, we feel any activity (or lack of it) in our buttocks for a long time. Even a seemingly innocuous habit of sleeping on the same side for many nights in a row can throw us into uncomfortable buttock pain.

Good news? You can reset, stretch, and soothe those tight, aching buttocks with these six hip opening videos from Well + Good’s YouTube archive. Whether you need extra energy to stabilize your pelvis or do a little body work to reduce any knots, we have you covered.

15 minutes Pilates stretch for hips and hamstrings

This low-key session by Go Chloe Pilates instructor Chloe de Winter is great for warming up the body before a workout or reducing hip pain at the end of the day. De Winter begins to warm the hip circles and release tension, then the deep hip-flexor moves to the focused stretches, making it a particularly effective antidote for prolonged sitting.

15 minutes core for tight hip flex

If the flexors in your buttocks are constantly barking, it’s worth spending a little more time working on your core. Why? A strong core supports proper alignment through the torso and pelvis and can help reduce pressure from your buttocks by stabilizing. This workout with Brian Spencer of East River Pilates focuses on the body’s resistance to building the energy you need so as not to make the buttock flexors worse.

16 Minutes ‘Hip Hip Hooray’ Flow for Happy Hips

This tricky yoga by instructor Palin Anis penetrates the small muscles that stabilize the hip joints. Anis kicks off with the cat-cow to sync breathing flow and movement, then adds a circle of buttocks while standing around. Each movement থেকে from downward dog to squat and lunge — is designed to promote an advanced range of motion.

How to do pigeon pose

Some well-behaved pigeon poses targeting the outer buttocks. Brush your form to make sure you’ve reached the right place with this short video from the Well + Good series The right way. Tess Koenig of Yoga Vida breaks it down step by step, highlighting common mistakes to avoid. Spoiler: You will know that you are stretching properly if you feel the opening of your buttocks without pulling on your knees.

15 minutes guided foam roller workout for self-massage

Goodbye to tension! While it’s important to stretch your buttocks, it’s not always enough: massaging the muscles that connect your buttocks can help relieve the stiffness that can cause aches and pains. This session, led by De Winter, uses targeted pressure from a foam roller to loosen the quads, inner thighs, and back.

25 minutes hip opening flow

Led by BK Yoga Club’s Paris Alexandra and Alicia Ferguson, this soothing yoga session guides you in a hip-focused posture that is gentle but effective. The combination of deep breathing and deep stretching allows your buttocks to open and relax. “We’re breathing energy into your buttocks and noticing how tight and sticky it can feel and discovering how,” says Alexandra. Get ready to feel calm, stretched and fresh.

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