A 10-minute core, back, and arms workout

HAre many muscles being activated in your workout? If you don’t need to get your second arm out to count, there’s nothing wrong with this core, back and arms workout led by session instructor Kat Atienza. That’s because these 10 minutes are full of moves that are actually more like combos of moves—AKA “compound movements”—so you’re challenging multiple muscle groups instead of one rep.

Compound movements are extremely beneficial for working both your strength and cardiovascular system.

“Compound movements improve how all the muscles in the body work together to build and control strength and stability,” says Andrea Sommer, a former trainer at Equinox in West Hollywood. good + good. “You’ll get your heart rate up because these exercises require the heart to pump more blood to keep the muscles fueled and active.”

Build a more toned body, a stronger heart, and stronger muscles? Compound movement sounds good to us! And they make the most of this 10-minute workout.

For example, the fourth step in a series of five, 30-second exercises (that you do twice), works your whole body. You’ll start in a high plank position, then lower yourself into a front plank, then twist into a side plank. Back up to high plank, and do it all again on the other side. shoulder? Behind? Abs? Check, check, and check. You’ll also squeeze your glutes and legs to stabilize your body.

Even in an exercise that appears to be a single move—the kneeling tricep raise—Atienza emphasizes how the whole body is working together.

“Your core is strong and working with you here, we’re trying not to flare the rib cage open every time we lower, push, and extend the arms,” ​​Atienza says. At the same time, he stresses the importance of keeping the glue involved. “I know we’re working our core, our back, our arms, but we have to make sure our glutes are really engaged here to support us in this position so we can isolate on our triceps.”

So much for just having an arm workout! Grab some dumbbells and give that body the universal and one-size-fits-all treatment.

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