A 15-minute combination workout for your body and mind

TThanks to the molecules that are released when you exercise, your brain also gets a boost while your body works. But not every exercise by itself specifically challenges you cognitively. That’s where this 15-minute combination workout differs.

“Our bodies and brains are constantly receiving feedback from multiple systems in what looks like a unified movement,” Molly Frankenberger, DPT, PT, CSCS, previously told Well+Good. The result may seem simple, such as taking an action. But actually, coordination is a complex task. It is the ability to control your speed, timing and direction. It takes in all kinds of information from your body and environment and translates it into action, which is sometimes complex and involves multiple steps.

Having good coordination is worth the effort, though, because it helps us move through the world smoothly (and without injury). So your improvement feels both immediate and long-term benefits. Despite what you may have learned as a child, coordination exercises aren’t just about tapping your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time. They combine footwork with strength, activate muscles you didn’t know you had, or twist and turn in ways that make you go “Huh?” So why they are a workout for your body And the mind

And that’s exactly what Tracy Copeland provides in this 15-minute combination workout. You’ll start with a warm-up that focuses on activating your legs, shoulders and core. The main series involves doing three sets of five full-body exercises. But they all have something extra. For example, one move combines a Warrior 3 pose that leads into a knee drive, which will help you “strengthen those tiny muscles across your feet and your ankles” that promote balance. A “grapevine squat” will have you practically dancing, and Copeland challenges you to pick up the pace as you get more comfortable with the movement. Don’t even get me started on his bear plank variations.

This video is challenging, but after just 15 minutes, you’ll feel satisfied that you really did a full body workout from head to toe.

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