A bodyweight strength training routine: only 10 minutes

TThere are mountains of research showing the benefits of strength training, such as improving muscle mass, preventing bone loss, and boosting self-confidence But if your love is with other sports and you don’t have it that For multiple reps each week, a short, bodyweight strength training workout may be all you need for a more well-rounded exercise routine.

In this week’s episode Good moves, Sessions co-owner Kat Atienza, leads you through a lightning-fast strength training class that you can combine with a run, bike ride, yoga flow or climbing session to reap the aforementioned benefits. (It’s also great if your schedule is jam-packed and you want a little workout snack.)

After a short and sweet warm-up, you’ll get right into a few rounds of muscle-strengthening movements. “We have two sets of work with three exercises each. Our work time is going to be 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, and you’re only going through everything twice,” Atienza said of the top workout.

So that you do complete In body movements, you can expect moves that work your legs (like lunges and good mornings), core (like push-ups) and arms (like side planks). And don’t worry about building in extra time for the cooldown: Atienza has you covered with a little stretch session right after your last rep.

So when you’re ready to get moving, go ahead and slip on your sneakers and grab a mat. Follow the full video here, and—as Atienza notes at the end—you can take your favorite moves and slot them into your other workouts to strengthen your muscles and bones with each sweat session.

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