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Andrea Rogers’ XB Pilates workouts are always 30 minutes or less, equipment is free, and can be done comfortably at home!

Have you ever wondered why Pilates is so popular with models and celebrities? In most cases, this is because they like the results.

You can tone up without bulking up, straighten your butt and create a great figure, all this while developing functional muscles, body control and body awareness that helps you feel healthier.

In her XB Pilates program, super trainer Andrea Rogers added fast-moving sequences and more cardio to the routine to give you all the traditional benefits of Pilates, helping you lose your weight in just 21 days.

How XB Pilates differs from other Pilates programs?

Andrea is twisting

Classic Pilates (created by Joseph Pilates) is a low-impact core-centric program. It uses controlled movements combined with targeted breathing to transform the whole body.

In her XB Pilates program, Andrea presents all of this in a humorous and modern way.

It combines Abs sculpture with traditional mat movements with cardio sequences inspired by Pilates Reformer, to strengthen the buttocks and develop muscle from head to toe.

This is a fun and energetic program that burns lots of calories while helping you improve your posture, alignment and mobility.

All XB Pilates workouts are 30 minutes or less.

There are four main types of XB Pilates workouts:

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  • Mat Exercise: Clarity and control are the core of this mat-based class that uses classic Pilates exercises to help you sculpt and tone your abs, glutes and puck.
  • Cardio Fusion: These sweat sessions include cardio moves inspired by Pilates Reformer and some of Andrea’s popular Xtend Barre exercises to help you burn calories and increase endurance.
  • Abs and buttocks: Your core and glutes will glow at the end of this demanding workout, but the results you see in the mirror will be invaluable.
  • Sculpture and define: This upper-body workout focuses on strength, flexibility and alignment to help you create a lean, lean and balanced figure.

What is the difference between XB Pilates and Xtend Barre?

Both programs are very dynamic and fast versions of the traditional discipline.

But the moves in each program are very different from each other, so even if you follow Xtend Barre, you can expect to be challenged by XB Pilates.

Do I need to have Pilates Basics to follow the XB Pilates program?

No. You do not need to take Pilates classes in the past to be successful with XB Pilates. You can be a great beginner!

Andrea and the other members of the team clearly show the correct execution of each movement, as well as its variety, so that you can move forward at your own pace while making the most of each training session.

Do I need hardware?

In each workout, someone on the screen will show you how to move without tools.

However, Andrea and the rest of her team often use lightweight dumbbells, resistance bands, sliders and pilates mats. You choose!

Are there many variations with XB Pilates?

Andrea challenges and engages you by presenting Pilates in a fun and modern way with many variations.

You will do cardio, targeted exercises for abs and glutes, as well as strength and mobility exercises for the whole body. It is a combination of everything you need to create a lean, toned body.

Andrea walks you through the entire workout. Its sequences are rhythmic and its inexhaustible energy is contagious.

It feels like one training after another with him. It wants you to come back day after day.

Who is the XB Pilates Program for?

Andrea Rogers is a coaching cast member

The XB Pilates program is for those who want to tone and sculpt their bodies without going through high-intensity, high-impact workouts.

You can follow the XB Pilates program in your own home without having to travel to crowded and scary Pilates classes to achieve your goals.

The XB Pilates program is accessible for all levels of fitness and experience. If you have advanced levels, you can follow Andrea.

If you are just starting out, you can follow the modified version (a team member displays a simpler version of each exercise) until you feel comfortable enough to extend the movements.

Who is Andrea Rogers?

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Ever since his childhood, Andrea Rogers has always wanted to move. She started classical dance at the age of three and by the age of 16 she had already made her first choreography.

Year after year as a professional dancer, his passion for movement and teaching led him to build a career as a classical Pilates teacher.

Over time, she began to incorporate classical dance and dance experience into her Pilates routine in general.

When his students get excellent results and they ask him regularly “Can we do more in Helm?“He knew there was something to develop with these two disciplines.

So in 2008, Andrea officially started teaching the Xtend Barre program in Florida, and even today is taking classes.

The Xtend Barre program is available on BeachBody on Demand, allowing members to practice it at home!

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