A morning Pilates workout to wake up your mind and body

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Good morning, sunshine! Okay, wow, sorry to be the first thing. But if you’re not up for that intensity, may I suggest a new 22-minute morning Pilates workout from East River Pilates instructor Brian Spencer?

“This is GWant to wake you up and leave you feeling energized for your day,” says Spencer.

Exercising in the morning is great because it increases blood circulation, which sends oxygen to your brain and throughout your body, naturally helping you get up and moving. It also helps you improve brain function as it stimulates the release of proteins and hormones responsible for neural development and plasticity in the brain.

Spencer puts those brain-stimulating benefits at the forefront with a workout that challenges both your body and mind. Right away, you’ll work through lying poses, including classic Pilates moves like tabletop legs and glute bridges. But Spencer uses some compound movements and combinations to get your noggin into action.

“We’re giving that brain some work to help us wake up for the day,” Spencer says while leading a single-arm, single-leg extension. “I know we’re all busy multitaskers, so start your day with a little multitasking in your body, you can’t go wrong.”

Other moves such as a “double rainbow,” which involves tapping opposite corners of your mat with your outstretched arms and legs while on your hands and knees, and squatting into a lunge, continue the multitasking action.

Of course, if it’s a bit much early in the day, Spencer includes plenty of modifications that take the “rub your belly and pat your head” factor out of the Pilates equation. Overall, this is a workout that will get your blood pumping, your brain working, your spine lengthening, and your muscles waking up. Good morning, sunshine! We know you can handle it.

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