A seated glute exercise is easy enough to do while working out

EAs someone who works out regularly, my lack of glue energy easily gives way to how many hours I spend sitting on my buttocks. Whenever I get injured – in my buttocks, in my thighs, or in the lower part of my back – my physical therapist almost always keeps track of what makes up my body for my weak back. (Price of #desklife.)

Last month, my tail bones started working so badly that I could barely walk in and out of the kitchen. My doctor confirmed that it was pain in the sacroiliac joint, and although it was probably due to the pregnancy hormones loosening my pelvis too much too early, the problem was exacerbated by the instability – you guessed it – weak glutes.

I immediately wandered around YouTube looking for some workouts that could help. In a video from BodyLove Pilates, instructor Ali Handley shares a glute exercise that sits with a resistance band looped around the calf: pushing the legs outward into the band, you slowly lift and lower your heels because you have a steady Maintain quantity resistance.

Watch a demo starting at 8:18:

Following up with Handley for just eight repetitions, I immediately felt my gluteus medius fire on the outside of my buttocks – and I was still engaged after finishing. I walked my dog ​​around the block right after, and I could feel the muscles still running (aka burning lightly with each step). This activation made my pelvis more stable and less painful, it lasted for more than a week.

So I told myself I was going to repeat the exercise every day. Which means I did it for two days in a row, then immediately forgot.

I knew I needed to get used to it. Since this is a simple exercise that does not take too much concentration, I realized that instead of devoting time to dedication, I could incorporate it into my morning routine: now, when I first sit down to work, I just wrap up a resistance. Band around my calf for the first half hour (or until I get up to have more coffee) and lift a few heels often while checking email and slack. I put the band next to my laptop so that it reminds me to slip and since it doesn’t take any extra time out of my day, I actually do it.

This may be the easiest workout routine I have ever done. And one of the most effective. Within just a week of doing this regular exercise, I can feel the target muscles getting stronger from this hard and my pelvis stays still while I walk or run – which means I feel pain in the SI joint. .

I know, I know: it sounds too good to be true. Such remarkable results somehow all over my head? I asked NASM-certified instructor Cecily McCullough, who works with clients at the Functional Fitness-based studio P.volve, whether such a practice could be really effective, or if I wanted to. I think so It’s happening and I’m feeling a kind of placebo effect.

He mentions that working the glutes while sitting can be a strategic way to differentiate and notice the right muscles. “When you are sitting, you have more support with your pelvis and spine so you are not working against other factors, such as when you are standing or even lying on the floor, working against gravity,” he says. “And with seated movement, it’s also a minimal range of motion, especially since the band adds resistance.” Even when I don’t pay much attention to lifting and lowering my heels, the movement is so small that it is easy to keep in proper shape.

On the other hand, physical therapist Theresa Marco, DPT, a spokeswoman for the American Physical Therapy Association and owner of Marco Physical Therapy in New York City, says that my go-to exercise will not penetrate too easily. Hold them together and release them while sitting. Or, better yet, he says, getting up for a walk. “Short frequent breaks can go a long way in resolving issues before they start,” he says.

But as the clich যায় goes, the best kind of workout is what you do. While there are plenty of other ways to strengthen my glutes, for the time being I will continue to do things that I rarely have to think about.

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