A short workout to fire up your core in just 7 minutes

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Another ab day, another set of crunches and planks, am I right? Not so fast! This seven-minute fiery core routine is here to work your core moves that will push your abs in new ways.

Mixing up your exercise routine in this way can help you avoid hitting a “fitness plateau,” or when your strength gains begin to slow because your body is less challenged by the movements it’s used to.

“Your body is very smart and it will learn how to become proficient at doing the same movements,” Jeanette Jenkins, trainer and Marshalls clothing representative, previously told Well+Good.

The idea of ​​making variety a part of your fitness routine often refers to the need to include multiple components for a well-rounded workout, such as strength training, cardio and mobility work. However, this also applies to the movement itself, as your body will get used to being pushed in the same way over and over again.

Which is why in fitness, as in life, variety is the necessary spice. And Charlie Atkins, trainer and founder of Le Sweat, here’s a masterful routine from your Salt Bay that packs a challenge for every rep.

Many Atkins employ include classic ingredients like rice crunches and planks. However, he turns these bases into compound movements that work more of your core, such as “crunch combos” that will fire up both your upper and lower abs. A “quarter get-up” is similar to a diagonally focused roll-up. And the final set of bicycles has a twist that Atkins promises will “change your life on a bicycle.”

Press play to learn how to turn these ab moves on their head and strengthen your core in 10 minutes. As Atkins says, “Let’s hit it.”

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