A yoga pose for core stability flow to activate your entire body

WAlthough they may not seem directly connected, balance and core strength are interconnected. “You have sensors all over your limbs that interact with position sensors in your ears and others in your eyes, all of which are integrated into a part at the back of your brain called your cerebellum and motor nerves that send messages to all your skeletal muscles. To keep you straight,” Michael Roizen, MD, previously told Well+Good. Your core is primarily responsible for stabilizing you while your nerves give marching orders to your arms and legs.

As such balancing work, which is required for many yoga poses, builds core strength. That’s why it makes so much sense to do yoga for core stability training. our latest Good moves workout, yoga teacher Alicia Ferguson of BK Yoga Club leads you through a 28-minute flow that challenges your fitness on both levels.

You’ll start off in a baby pose (mmmmm), but things take a turn from there. You’ll immediately begin activating your core by getting into a tabletop position and then lifting your knees off the floor. After they come back down to earth, you’ll begin to challenge your balance by lifting your arms and legs. (Pssst, it’s also a core workout!)

After that, you’ll move into standing postures that will pull double duty. (Yes, you can work your core while standing.) Downward dogs and quadrangles warm you up before engaging your entire body in a series of lunges and balancing poses like warrior III and crescent moon.

The end of the video adds a few more core strengthening moves to your mat like a bicycle before cooling down your system. The workout is challenging, but with all the stretching and breathing work Alicia includes, it feels like a treat.

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