An 8-minute multidirectional strength workout, AMRAP-style

What if, this January, you ignored all the voices telling you what you “should be” and instead focused on finding healthy habits that feel right for you? With the New Year, the only thing we are detoxing from is a limiting mindset. Pick a goal—movement, diet, self-care, or all three—and refresh. Get the program

When a trainer gives you a specific move, and tells you to do as many reps as, say, 30 seconds, how do you know how fast to go?

Well, it depends on you. Often called AMRAP workouts (“for as many reps as possible”), this way of structuring a training session allows you to easily adjust the intensity level to wherever your fitness is and you’re feeling that day. How much energy you give is up to you. An AMRAP can be an opportunity to fully exhaust your muscles, or to slowly and steadily zero in on your form.

“AMRAP workouts are about achieving your goals—big or small—through dedication, hard work, limited distractions, and focus,” Jason Khalipa, author Rip as Much as Possible: Making the Most of Every Minute to Succeed in Competition, Business, and Life Better said before + better.

Certified personal trainer Elizabeth Akinwale, founder of 13th Flow Chicago, offers a series of AMRAP intervals in this new eight-minute, full-body workout video to kick off Well+Good’s four-week renewal movement program. “You can take it as fast or as slow as you want—it’s up to you,” she says.

Akinwale specially designed this versatile strength workout so that it can be easily customized yours Levels of well-being. You’ll cycle through reverse lunges, supermen, windshield wipers, and a handful of other exercises that work multiple muscle groups in multiple planes of motion. He spends 30 seconds on each move, allowing you to repeat as many times as you feel comfortable within that time frame. “Whatever pace works for you, works for me,” she says. “It’s your workout, so you can make what you want out of it.”

Some exercises will inevitably be easier, and you’ll be able to flow through them quickly. Others may force you to slow down to adopt the right strategy. Juts make sure you’re not running so fast that you’re not going through your full range of motion, or your form starts to fade, or you get so tired that you have to stop all together. “Our goal is just to be consistent throughout the break,” Akinwale said.

If you sign up for the Renew Year plan, you’ll get a week’s worth of daily workouts delivered to your inbox every Sunday this month, all programmed with the expertise of a trainer, former gymnast, Olympic weightlifter, CrossFitter, and Akinwal. Social worker.

One thing he underscores: Don’t feel like you’re getting “soft” if you want to pass gas during a workout. True strength is being in tune enough with your own body to know and respect what it needs. “If it seems like too much, tone it down a bit,” she says.

If you follow the Renew Year program, we’ll return to the same workout multiple times so you’ll not only get more comfortable with each exercise, but you’ll also get a solid sense of your progress as the months go by. “You can take it further next time,” Akinwal says

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