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There’s no denying the infectious energy of Andrea Rogers, creator of the wildly popular Xtend Barre and XB Pilates programs.

But not just to show the positivity, dedication and energy you see on screen — it’s something she cultivates every day.

Andrea loves helping others. She is passionate about supporting Beachbody On Demand members to get the most out of each and every workout every day.

The eight habits he mastered and now practice every day, as well as the philosophy behind them.

Andrea Rogers shares her workout philosophy

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It’s understandable that Andrea is constantly asked how she stays motivated, but she says that’s the wrong place to start.

“Motivation is the first thing that doesn’t happen,” she says. “It starts with hard work, which gives you results, and it turns into motivation.”

But you’re not alone in that first step.

Andrea has guidance for you there, which she calls the “results equation”: “Lasting results come down to a simple combination of effort and consistency over time.”

But it has to be the right Effort.

“A lot of times when people work out they think about how long they’re working out and how many calories they’re burning. To me, it’s quantity over quality,” she explains.

Instead, Andrea believes in an “all-out philosophy,” a concept based on her dance background.

His coach would either tell him to “mark the move” or go through the movement without wasting energy with jumps and turns, or “go all out” or perform as if he were on stage and give it his all.

He challenges you to “go all out” and break the notion that the length of a workout is a clear indication of quality.

“I know I can give you an amazing workout and have your legs shaking in 15 minutes if you use the mind-body connection and holistic philosophy,” she says.

So how do you set yourself up to “go all out” on every workout? Andrea walks us through the habits that set her up for success.

1. He schedules workouts like he schedules meetings.

“Try to work out at the same time every day,” she advises. “Schedule it like a meeting and make it a priority in your life.”

He does just that and he makes sure to keep those appointments. “If your boss schedules you into an 8 a.m. meeting every single morning, you’ll find a way to make it happen. Do the same for your workouts,” she adds.

Even though he’s a professional, he still has other habits that make those appointments easier every day.

2. He prepares the night before.

Andrea sets out her workout clothes and equipment before bed.

“I don’t even have a chance to come up with an excuse,” she explains. “I got it all. My clothes are laid out, my equipment is ready, I have my smoothie, and then it’s ‘Here we go!'”

3. He gets good quality sleep – and enough of it.

“You need to be well-rested to have a strong mindset and a game plan to work effectively,” he says, adding that quality sleep is his number one habit for success.

He always tries to get eight hours of sleep, and lately, he’s been focusing on earlier bedtimes.

“I know that when I wake up earlier and start my day with a workout, I do better throughout the rest of the day.”

4. He stretches first thing in the morning.

Andrea Rogers stretches

Right after she wakes up, Andrea takes her time to wake up the rest of her body.

But her stretching sessions, which last five to 15 minutes, aren’t just physically setting the tone for the day. This period of inner reflection is also about mental preparation.

Andrea grabs what she needs to do and takes a moment for contemplative gratitude before heading to the kitchen for a hearty breakfast.

(You can use our full-body stretch as inspiration for your morning session.)

5. He does not skip breakfast.

Andrea is also about the after-effects of her eating habits. She focuses on what will make her feel her best and fuel her adequately for her busy days.

“I don’t play in food culture,” she says.

Rather, Andrea asks herself, “How will I feel after eating this?”

6. He turns on music that sets the right mood.

Andrea says this practice is small but powerful for her. He’ll ask his smart device to play music as he gets ready for a workout, and it gets him in the mood to attack his sweat session.

7. He sets a purpose for every workout.

Regardless, you should set a goal for your workout. He always does, despite being active all his life.

“Your goal for that workout might be to complete the workout without stopping, it might be to go deeper into your pleats, it might be to hold your plank, it might be to go through a specific movement that really challenges you,” she says.

Andrea will sometimes focus on a part of the body or increase the intensity. Whatever the goal, he always tries his best to crush it and then celebrates that progress.

8. He just presses to play.

“People think I’m motivated every day, but that’s just not true,” Andrea says. “Some days I don’t feel like moving.”

When that happens, Andrea has a few strategies: She focuses on how she’ll feel after the workout, and she just pushes to play.

This is why some XB Pilates and Xtend Barre videos are only 15 minutes. You’ll be done and you’ll know it before you celebrate your success — until you show up and press play.

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