Are bars a good way to lose weight?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since the early 2000s, you’ve probably heard some buzz about the benefits of sweeping routines.

These low-impact routines have gained a reputation as an effective way to achieve a strong, toned body.

But is the bar good for weight loss? Here we tell you everything you need to know about the subject.

Is barre good for weight loss?

There isn’t much research on barre’s relationship with weight loss.

Routines focused on strength training are often the best bet for fat loss and weight maintenance because they lead to more sustained metabolic increases.

However, a more cardio-focused barre routine can help you build muscle and burn calories.

Plus, if you enjoy it, you’re more likely to stick with it for a long time.

Next, we explain four aspects that you must take into account if you want to do barre for weight loss.

1. Barre can give you more energy

Andrea Rogers leads the Xtend Barre workout

The idea of ​​working your muscles to death, which is the foundation of an intense barre routine, can be an effective way to build muscle.

Kelly Davis, personal trainer and founder of FitThrive, says high-rep sets at the barre can help you get stronger and “building muscle is key to weight loss.”

“The more muscle you have,” explains Davis, “the more energy your body uses during the day, and that can help you lose weight.”

2. Barre is a good option for beginners

If you’re just starting your fitness journey or getting back on your feet after a long hiatus, barre can be a great starting point.

In a traditional barre routine, a ballet barre and light dumbbells are used, combined with low-impact isometric movements, although the techniques for each studio or online barre program may differ slightly.

3. Cardio-focused barre can lead to more weight loss

Some barre routines really turn up the intensity to get your heart pumping.

“We amplify the results with a strong cardio component,” says Andrea Rogers, creator of Xtend Barre, a 30-minute program that combines cardio, Pilates and barre. “Trust me, you’ll sweat.”

After doing an intense barre routine, where you really push your limits, you can burn extra calories through a process known as the “afterburn effect.”

4. Barre can build your fitness community

“There’s something really special about exercising with a community and being part of a group of women who inspire and encourage each other,” Rogers shared.

Don’t you like going to the gym?

We have good news: According to some research, the same benefits of group exercise can be obtained through digital technology.

BODgroups allows you to find your own fitness community.

BODgroups is Beachbody’s community platform that helps you stay motivated, engaged and connected to your group.

How should Bayer be incorporated into an exercise routine?

Women doing the Xtend Barre workout

If you want to barbell for weight loss, it’s important to incorporate variety and not do the exact same routine every day.

“If someone does the same sweep week after week, over months or years, the effects can wear off,” Davis explains. “The more varied movements you do, the more weight loss you’ll achieve.”

If you’re doing barre for weight loss, the best thing to do is follow a program that combines barre with strength training and a high intensity routine.

Can bars help with weight control?

yes Barre can be effective at getting your heart pumping, increasing energy, losing weight, or all of the above.

Here are three reasons why barre can help you lose weight:

It’s fun

If you enjoy barre, you’ll stick with it. Also, managing your weight is all about living a healthy lifestyle, not resorting to fad diets and quick fixes.

“The more we love what we do, the more likely we are to see results with practice,” says Davis.

On the other hand, if you start doing a routine that you don’t like at all only Because someone else has lost weight with it, you probably won’t see the same results.

It is low impact

Barre can be a great option to keep your body active while recovering from an injury.

Because it’s a low-impact activity, it’s often a better alternative to high-impact exercises like running or plyometrics.

However, to avoid aggravating an injury, you should definitely talk to your doctor before starting a new routine.

It is ideal for all fitness levels

The barre can be a great starting point to begin your fitness journey.

As long as you’re challenging yourself, whether it’s reaching your ideal weight, doing a more advanced barre routine, or switching up your barre class with another type of exercise, you’ll see the results you’re looking for.

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