Benefits of Stretching While Traveling

WHaving flown from Los Angeles to New York City for a week (so, in keeping with the three-hour time difference), I got out of bed on my first morning and realized that my body needed more than the usual caffeine buzz, a little dehydration, and sleep to get over the blues. to be deprived Not choice, go for a recharged run—too stressful. But rather I wanted to inhabit my body and feel the space between my vertebrae creak and click and lengthen.

I immediately thought of the greatest stretch in the world, because, duh. It earned its name for opening up multiple body parts at once and feeling great in the process. “The world’s greatest stretches are essentially a few core stretches in one,” says Azul Korazoria, a certified health coach and personal trainer. “Most enjoy it because it adds a fun flow element to stretching.” (For those unfamiliar, this dynamic movement involves twisting and opening your chest, shoulders, spine, and hips from a low lunge position.)

What makes the world’s greatest stretch so, well, great

The benefits of expanding in this way are clear to Korazoria. “Stretching like this every day will improve flexibility and mobility,” she says, “and because you’re active the whole time, you’ll increase blood flow throughout your body, which will keep you from feeling stiff and stiff.”

For this reason, many trainers include the World’s Greatest Stretch in their dynamic warm-up, especially before a full-body workout, whether it’s strength training or running. But Corazoria says it’s a great thing to do while traveling, especially after a flight. “For many people, air travel reduces circulation,” she says. Blood circulation is an important biological function “because it helps get oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.” Stretching in general promotes circulation, and the world’s greatest stretch in particular is “active by nature,” Corazoria says, making it even better for increasing blood flow.

How to make the biggest stretch in the world

So on the floor of my hotel room, I walk into a plank and then step forward with my left foot coming into a low lunge with my left hand out. From there, I plant my right palm on the floor as I reach toward the sky with my left fingertips, letting my core rotate toward my front thigh before placing my left hand on the floor inside my left foot.

After this reach and stretch five times to one side, and then the other, I feel energy bubbling up inside of me. So much so that I completed this extended series every day of my week-long trip, and it consistently left me feeling grounded, alert, and ready to make the most of each day.

If you have more time, try this 20-minute routine that includes, you guessed it: the world’s greatest stretch:

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