Bomb bodyweight explosion with Sophia Rose

Instagram is not just a place to see delicious food shots, cute kittens and anything that happened to your ex.

It’s also a nifty source of new workout ideas: a place to be inspired by fitness professionals – someone whose content catches your eye and dismisses you for trying something completely new to spice up your workouts and break a sweat.

If your Instagram trip took you to Sophia Rose, you were probably surprised by her fitness and impressive body weight moves.

You may even be wondering how you can train your own body to look and feel as strong as it is. Bad

Well, here’s some good news: Sophia’s Bomb Bodyweight Blast program BeachBody is available on demand!

He will train you through 30 days of workouts – every 30 minutes – designed to burn fat, supercharge your confidence and build your own grumpy body – right at home.

Who is Sophia Rose?

With more than half a million followers on Instagram, Sophia is a digital fitness guru with serious impact.

Her mesmerizing videos are pure inspiration in motion, and whether she’s doing her core-crushing, circuit-style bodyweight routine, or showing off her explosive HIIT and Plio moves, she puts a paddle on the floor with the determination and grace of a warrior.

He started his fitness journey at the age of 4 by competing in both gymnastics and ballet.

After 14 years of formal training, he began to find his body’s needs unhealthy, so he shifted his focus from performance, and narrowed his focus to pure physical fitness.

As his skills grew, he fell in love with boxing, began teaching group exercises, and discovered a passion for moving his body in powerful and innovative ways.

“I’m lucky to be able to inspire thousands of people every day to be healthy and strong,” she says of her Instagram followers, “not just to look beautiful, but to improve myself through physical-positivity.”

What can I expect from Sophia Rose Workout?

Sophia’s workouts look very different from what you find on Instagram or anywhere else.

These are both charming, powerful and primitive – perfect for those looking to take their fitness to a whole new level, with cool-looking tricks designed to energize and tone your whole body.

Rice is better than the way they make you feel – strong, confident and in tune with your body.

Once you use the energy you have, you will be amazed at how much you can do.

The program consists of 10 total-body workouts that you will do over 30 days. Each workout is only 30 minutes long and requires no equipment.

All you need is your own body and the desire to get better every day!

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