An open letter from Carl Diekeler, CEO of Beachbody:

Since we launched the “In-Home Boot Camp” category in 2000 with Power 90 under the flagship name, Beachbody, everything has changed.

It is now clear that something is missing.

Our industry has done so much good, and we are proud of everyone who has taken the initiative to be more active and aware of their food choices to complete any of our programs.

We are proud of each transformation story and before and after photos.

But we realized that for many who achieved these success stories – including myself – those short-term successes were often overshadowed by a return to the “same old habits.”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with the same old habits if that’s how you want to live and feel as long as you’re constantly beating yourself up for those habits and living in permanent dissatisfaction with yourself—until you pursue the next transformation.

And there are problems. The error is not program or procedure. It’s missing the step of detaching our self-esteem from the outcome.

But it’s a playbook the industry has operated by since the 70s, relying on our own perceptions of our “imperfections” for our motivation.

That message spread through social media became, “If you look good, you’ll be happy.”

We all know that message is not true. You are not happy because you look good; When you feel good, you are happy.

And we don’t like being driven by the premise that what we look like matters.

So many of us avoid fitness and nutrition altogether to avoid a “permanent dissatisfaction” mindset.

This is one reason why, despite the industry’s growth, more than 100 million people in the United States alone are overweight or obese and at risk for lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, depression and anxiety.

As an industry and as an organization focused on helping people live healthy and fulfilling lives, we will fail if we perpetuate that mindset.

We’ve found that our happiest subscribers and coaches are those who embrace who they are and the lifestyle they want to live before they start any program.

It is a combination of having an internal image to maintain positive self-esteem while simultaneously engaging in lifestyle transformations that make people feel their best.

Before and after pictures or achieving “goal weight” is an ingredient of success for some people – everyone wants to feel good.

And that kind of success is called health esteem.

Embracing who you are now—appreciating all the things you can be proud of as strong and capable—creates a sense of “instant gratification.”

And that’s why over the next few months, we’re making an important pivot to serve people with a platform designed to do just that: support the whole person and help them achieve that kind of instant gratification, a positive health reputation.

And to do that, the only change we need to make is our name.

We never intended the Beachbody name to represent an ideal.

Our mission is always to help people achieve healthy, fulfilling lives. But society now uses the term differently.

The truth is, there is no such thing as a “beach body,” except that everyone has a body and everyone is welcome at the beach.

So instead of fighting to overcome the idea that beachbody equates to an ideal, we need to start over.

Over the next 12 months, we will be transitioning our name from Beachbody to BODi.

With our name change will come the evolution of our platform. We will integrate a whole layer of personal development and mindset content into the experience.

Our approach will ensure that fitness and nutrition do not become the enemy of who we are as individuals but are key components of our understanding of who we are and who we want to be.

Fitness, nutrition and mindset each play an important role in what we would call a “health respect routine” – making choices based on how the individual wants to feel and live.

BODi will celebrate and enable health esteem and the experience will be radically different, simple and rewarding for our customers.

It’s been a productive 23 years for Beachbody, and that means it will take some time to complete this transformation. The Beachbody name will continue to appear on our website as we embark on our transformation journey, but we are embracing the health honors category and BODi approach starting now.

Many exciting changes will occur when we invite people to explore their fitness and nutrition through the lens of health respect.

The simplest first step can be as fun as learning how you can eat more sweets and be proud of it, without guilt or regret (really).

In fact, we’ll show you how dessert can actually boost your well-being with our gourmet superfood dessert recipes!

But part of this shift is also acknowledging the possibility that, for some, we’ve played a role in projecting the idea that fitness and nutrition follow an ideal, and for that I apologize.

We haven’t experienced it, but how would you know, based on the meaning of “Beachbody”?

I hope we can fix it.

The content and methods we have developed are proven to deliver healthy results.

By adding mindsets and becoming clearer with the purpose of our programs – achieving a positive health status – our hope is that millions more people will feel welcome and feel like we:

You are successful the moment you realize that you are exactly who you are today — and that satisfaction can coexist with a desire to make changes that will help you feel better.

So… can we start again, please?

It is health esteem. And we’re becoming BODi — where you always want to be.

And we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you something fun, healthy and incredibly satisfying.

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