An open letter from Beachbody CEO Carl Diekeler

Things have changed since Power 90 launched the home bootcamp division in 2000 under our flagship brand name, Beachbody. It is now clear that one thing is missing.

Our sector has done a great job, and we are proud of each of you who have decided to become more involved in your food choices by following our programs, whatever they may be.

We are proud of each transformation testimonial and each before and after photo

However, we’ve found that even though many of us talk about our successes, me first, these short-term victories are often overshadowed by a return to “old habits.”

Let’s understand each other better: there is no harm in going back to old habits if you live them well.

It is another thing if they are the source of internal conflict and we live in chronic dissatisfaction with ourselves before starting the next transformation.

Here is the problem. The error is not generated by the program or method. It’s just a missing step, which disconnects the connection between self-esteem and results.

Since the 1970s, art has exploited our perception of our “imperfection” to inspire us. Social networks have amplified this message to add, “You have to be beautiful to be happy.”

We all know in our hearts that this message is false. Happiness and beauty are not connected: we are happy when we feel good.

Furthermore, we hate to be driven by the dictates that our physical appearance matters.

Many avoid fitness and nutrition to avoid this state of chronic dissatisfaction.

Despite the growth of our industry, more than 100 million people in the United States alone are overweight or obese and at risk for lifestyle-related diseases. For example, it is a factor in type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, depression and anxiety.

As an industry and a company that helps people live healthy and fulfilling lives, if we keep this mindset, we will fail.

We’ve noticed that our happiest followers and coaches are people who accept themselves as they are and enjoy living the life they want to live. Even earlier To start a program.

It is a combination of internal reflections on a positive self-esteem and efforts to establish new lifestyle habits aimed at feeling on top.

Taking before and after pictures or reaching a “goal weight” are ingredients of success for some people. Everyone wants to feel good.

Such success is called health respect, respecting one’s health.

Accepting yourself as you are and appreciating all your strengths and abilities, which is a source of pride, creates a sense of “instant gratification.” ».

And that’s why over the next few months, we’re going to strongly focus our attention on providing people with a platform that’s designed precisely for that purpose: to help the whole person achieve this kind of instant gratification, a health positive assumption. .

To achieve this, we need to make several changes, including the name.

It was not our intention that the name Beachbody represents an ideal. Our mission is always to help people live healthy and fulfilling lives.

But in today’s society the word is understood differently. In truth, a “beachbody,” a body to show off at the beach, does not exist. We all have a body and all bodies are welcome at the beach.

So instead of trying to get rid of the idea that Beachbody embodies the ideal body culture, we need to start over.

Within the next 12 months, the Beachbody name will change to BODi.

This name change will accompany an evolution of our platform. We will integrate an entire section of personal development content and mind to complete the experience.

Our approach will ensure that fitness and nutrition do not become the enemy of who we are as individuals, but that these two essential elements are the engine that allows us to better realize who we are and who we want to be.

Fitness, nutrition, and mind play an essential role in what we would call “routine health esteem,” that is, making choices about how everyone wants to feel and live.

BODi will celebrate and enable to keep this health honor alive. The experience will be radically different, simpler and more rewarding for our customers.

It’s been a successful 23 years under the Beachbody name, and that’s why it’s going to take some patience before this transition is complete. The Beachbody name will still be present on our website as we begin our transformation journey, but we are already embracing the Health Esteem category and the BODi approach.

Many significant changes will occur if we invite people to rediscover fitness and nutrition from a health-conscious perspective.

The first step can be as simple and fun as learning how to eat more sweets with pleasure (really) without guilt or regret.

We’ll introduce you to our gourmet superfood dessert recipes to show you that desserts can actually help you feel better.

This change also allows us to recognize that, for some, we have helped convey the idea that fitness and nutrition support an ideal, and I apologize for that.

It was never our philosophy, but how would you know, with the meaning of the word “beachbody”?

I hope we can manage to fix it.

The content and methods we have developed are proven to deliver healthy results.

By adding a mental category and being clear about our program’s goal, which is to build a positive culture of health with health esteem, we hope millions more people will feel welcome and share our sentiments:

We succeed the moment we know how to perceive ourselves the way we are… and this contentment can coexist with the desire to make changes that will help you feel better.

So… please, can we start again?

It is a health honor.

We become BODi, a place where it’s always good to be yourself. We are grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to serve you in a good mood, in a healthy and highly productive manner.

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