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In our new monthly profile series, Fitbit seeks to expand the world of wellness and fitness by featuring the voices of POC trail-blazers led by these industries – industries that have long despised voices like theirs.

For our first profile, we are highlighting the incredible work of Lestrandra Alfred or Lace Balanced black girl. We’re excited to share the conversations we had with Les about what he did as the founder of the well-known podcast, website and wellness hub.

Lestrandra Alfred’s first journey into the world of fitness began at the age of 20, when she was working on her first corporate internship. Sitting in front of the computer all day did not lend itself well to high energy levels and soon he started looking for more energy. “I started exercising on purpose, and I began to make connections between what I ate and how I felt. Has led to development, ”Les shared with Fitbit.

That’s where the Balanced Black Girl podcast came from In it, Les explores topics such as wellness, health and self-care, spirituality and more. She has created the Balanced Black Girl community as a conscious group for black and brown women, a safe and accessible place where members can share their knowledge and important resources as well as reflect on the latest podcast episodes.

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FITBIT: You have created a balanced Black Girl as a paradise for black women to provide resources, support and opportunities that are often missing in professional places for them. What attracted you to this job?

LES: I love being a student of wellness, and I’m not a black woman with many of the voices discussed as leaders in space. I wanted to learn from fellow black women who had skills and experience in different areas of wellness and I realized that if I was looking for this type of material, others would probably be the same.

So I decided to share the conversations I was having and the podcast was born.

What is a wellness or self-care trend that makes you happy to become more popular?

I think it’s amazing that so many people are having honest, honest conversations about wellness, especially mental health. Although I don’t think these important issues have become “popular”, it is becoming less and less common to talk openly about them, which is important for normalization.

How about a trend you are ready to put behind you?

The idea that wellness has a single look or aesthetic. The journey to wellness can be seen and felt in a variety of ways, and the pursuit of well-being means that a single aesthetic bond with what is meant is excluded and limited.

Do you see any changes in the industry right now that give you hope?

Largely in the industry, black and brown voices are still largely excluded. Instead of waiting for mainstream recovery, many of us have created our own platforms and tables to spotlight what’s happening in our communities, enabling us to better serve those who are looking for our content.

Why, in your view, is it so important for a community like yours that BIPOC is intended for women + and non-binary folx?

I read the book recently What happened to you By Dr. Bruce Perry and Oprah, and it was such an eye-opening book. One of the main messages that stuck to me was that people are really designed to improve and heal society. When we have micro therapeutic moments in our community with those who receive us and take care of us, it can go a long way in living a healthy, vibrant life.

Being in the community is really how we heal, and it becomes even more important for those who are among the most marginalized.

Which resources do you think are most important for accessing BIPOC folx?

Minimal, affordable fresh food, clean water, equitable healthcare and access to nature. These are basic requirements that most people, especially black and brown people, do not have access to, but it is so important.

In addition, accessible mental health services and safe places for healing in the community are essential.
Interested in connecting with lace? Check out his website HereFollow him Instagram And Tick ​​tockAnd don’t forget to tune in to the Balanced Black Girl podcast, where new episodes are available every Tuesday.

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