Dark Chocolate Banana Fudge Bars

Are you Team Fudge or Team Cookie Dough? Either way, these Shakeology bars are the answer to your messy chocolate dreams

They’re super easy to make — all you need are 7 ingredients and 25 minutes!

We created this recipe especially for our latest seasonal flavor, Chocolate Caramel Brownie Shakeology.

Chocolate Caramel Brownie Shakeology, cashew butter and banana create a wonderfully creamy base, while cocoa powder enhances the chocolatey goodness.

Dates add a touch of sweetness; Vanilla extract and a pinch of salt provide the finishing touch.

Chocolate Caramel Brownie Shakeology is available for a limited time only, so don’t miss out!

Pro tip: To make this recipe nut-free, substitute sunflower butter for the cashew butter.

Dark Chocolate Banana Fudge Bars

Dark Chocolate Banana Fudge Bars

Dark Chocolate Banana Fudge Bars

These Shakeology bars are the answer to your chocolate dreams. They’re super easy to make — all you need are 7 ingredients and 25 minutes!

serving 12 Servings, 1 piece each

  • Nonstick cooking spray
  • 4
    pitted date
  • 1
    ripe banana
  • ½
    cup / 45 grams
    Cocoa without sugar
  • ¼
    cup + 2 tbsp. / 95 grams
    All-natural cashew butter (or peanut butter)
  • 2
    the scoop
    Chocolate Caramel Brownies Plant-Based Vegan Shakeology
  • 1
    Pure vanilla extract
  • 1
    Sea salt (or Himalayan salt)

  1. Line an 8 x 8-inch (20 x 20-cm) baking dish with parchment paper; Coat lightly with spray. Set aside.

  2. Bring a small pot of water to a boil over medium-high heat. Remove from heat. Add date; Soak for 15 minutes. date of strain; Reserve fluid.

  3. Add dates, banana, cocoa powder, cashew butter, Shakeology, extract, salt, and 2 Tbsp. liquid (or water) stored in a food processor; to cover. Process on high until a smooth dough forms. Press the dough into the prepared dish.

  4. Cut into 12 equal pieces. Enjoy immediately, or cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes or until firm. Refrigerate leftovers in an airtight container for up to 4 days.

Gluten-Free (GF), No Dairy (ND), Vegan (V), Vegetarian (VG)

The Nutrition Facts box below provides approximate nutrition information for this recipe.*

*Total sugar 6g, added sugar 1g


Dark Chocolate Banana Fudge Bars

Amount per serving (1 serving)

calories 115
45 calories from fat

% Daily Value*

thick 5 grams8%

1 gram of saturated fat6%

Sodium 82 mg4%

carbohydrates 14 grams5%

3g of fiber13%

6 grams of sugar7%

protein 5 grams10%

* Percent Daily Value is based on a 2000 calorie diet.

container equivalent (regular)
½ violet
½ yellow
1½ tsp

Container Equivalent (Vegan)
½ violet
½ Yellow B
1½ tsp

2B mindset plate it!
Makes a great FFC.

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