Discover achievements with Xtend Barre that don’t show scale

Xtend Barre has become a voidable program for those who want to do low-impact routines to tone the body.

Adding bar exercise to your routine is a great way to burn calories. It, combined with healthy eating habits, can help you lose weight.

But the advantages of Xtend Barre far outweigh the scale.

Xtend Barre instructor Nicole de Souza said, “I have seen thousands of people who have lost weight and achieved the results they wanted, but there are other benefits to this program.

“There are many achievements that need to be taken into account that the scale does not show. Personally, after a few months of following a tedious routine, I started to feel anxious and I had trouble sleeping. Xtend Barre Exercise helped me sleep better again, so I stopped waking up tired every morning. I feel much happier mentally and physically knowing that I have done something good for myself, ”said Nicole.

Some of the achievements of those who made Xtend Barre that have weighed more.

Achievement 1: Xtend Barre transforms the body

Lewis L.

Xtend times non-scale victory

Although Lewis kept the same weight, his body changed completely in just a few months.

“I put on almost the same weight (which is a victory in itself!), But the most amazing thing is that my body has completely changed,” he says. “I feel very strong. I have a definition that I never did. I lost inches everywhere. Don’t give up. Stay tuned. I know all people can do it. “

Sam S.

Xtend times non-scale victory

Sam says his body transformation is much more than the weight he lost during Xtending Barre.

“Numbers aren’t everything on the scale,” he says. “The confidence you notice and feel when you look in the mirror, it really makes an impact!”

Jennifer W.

Xtend times non-scale victory

And don’t forget the biceps!

“I don’t hide my weapons anymore,” Jennifer said. “If anyone doubts that you can do it, I have no doubt: you certainly can! I’m 52 years old.”

Achievement 2: Xtend Barre builds confidence

Physical transformations are inspiring, but building self-confidence can completely change the way you live each day.

Corey W.

Xtend times non-scale victory

Corey describes himself as a “recovery scale obsessive”. He says he loves Xtend Barre because it has affected his personal confidence.

“It inspires me to live a healthier life: drinking more water, eating healthier, sleeping more and just taking care of myself,” she says. “The result? I have clear, radiant skin and a joy in my soul that I really need. Today I can take pictures of myself and like what I see!”

Megan C.

Xtend times non-scale victory

When you challenge yourself to be better, you want the whole world to see it.

“Today I wore a tied top,” Megan says. “I wore a shirt that didn’t completely cover my stomach. For the first time in many years, I feel comfortable wearing a public top, without having to pull it all the time. “

Achievement 3: Clothes tell you it works

After a few sessions, Xtend Barre classes can become a core part of your routine.

After a few weeks, you can be up for a delightful surprise.

Kayla b.

Xtend times non-scale victory

“I have a pair of jeans that I bought three months ago, size 6, which is already a little loose,” says Kayla. “I decided to order the same things in size 4. I wasn’t sure about trying them because I didn’t lose weight, but my husband encouraged me and they fit! I didn’t wear size 4 since high school! “

Molly R.

Xtend times non-scale victory

Xtend Barre can help some people achieve the most important goal: getting ready for summer.

“My biggest achievement from the scale was the swimwear,” Molly says. “My breasts don’t fit in the bodice, and I forget about the bottom. Now I am very excited! I can’t wait to use it. “

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