Exciting new features coming to Fitbit Luxe and Charge 5

Pump Up: Exciting new features now available for Fitbit Luxe and Charge 5 users! Update your device now to unlock fun new watch faces Also, adding Find Phone app is a way to locate your lost phone.

Keep reading to learn more about how your device is evolving.

What’s new?

Both Luxe and Charge 5 users will be able to switch it up with two new beautiful watch faces called Bloom, along with an extra flashy clockface for the Luxe. Check them out here:

That’s not all, misplaced your phone? No problem! You will now be able to find your phone easily with the new Find Phone app on your Luxe and Charge 5. Your device will even be able to detect it if your phone is on Do Not Disturb. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Find Phone app on your tracker.
  • Tap Find Phone. Your phone is ringing loudly.
  • When you detect your phone, tap Cancel to end the ringtone

You don’t want to miss this update—go to the Fitbit app today to update your device!

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