Exercise recovery and age: all you need to know

AAs we get older, the way we shape ourselves often changes. Co-ed soccer leagues and HIIT classes can be replaced by long walking and low-impact movement sessions. Our bodies feel different and how we want to move them is not always the same as in our 20s.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves Later A workout

According to Heather Milton, a sports health specialist and exercise physiologist supervisor at the Sports Performance Center in NYU Langone, a number of studies suggest that more time is needed, comparing the recovery time of 20-year-olds to 60- and 70-year-olds. Your body repairs itself as you age. “If you ask both age groups to do 50-pound back squats, exactly 48 hours later, 20-year-olds will be able to squat with the same amount of weight. 70-year-olds, however, may not be able to do that much, “says Milton.” You can’t create the same amount of energy. “

Milton believes that these changes during post-exercise recovery have less to do with the irreversible forces of aging and have more to do with lifestyle changes – which means there are ways to actively change our habits to help our bodies recover faster.

The best exercise to increase muscle recovery as you age

1. Drink

Like many things in life, hydration is not a secret ingredient for muscle recovery. “As you grow older, your drive for thirst becomes dull, which increases your chances of becoming dehydrated,” Milton said. “Our muscles are 70 percent water, and we need that water for our metabolic processes.” If we optimize hydration with age, remember that when we are thirsty we are actually already dehydrated, we can improve our muscle recovery.

2. Eat a well-rounded diet

Next: Nutrition. “As we get older, we need foods that are easier to digest and use,” Milton said. Although there is a lack of strong evidence that specific nutrients should be emphasized for muscle recovery, he believes that older adults can generally use nutritional improvements. To help you achieve this, you may want to consider requesting help from a dietitian or doctor.

3. Get your Zzzs

Finally, those who want to regain muscle mass with age should give priority to rest. “Sleep patterns change as you get older, and sleep is one of the most powerful tools we have to recover,” she says. “If sleep is short or sleep depth is affected, it will be a problem.”

Each body is unique, so experiment with different techniques — you can try everything from shiatsu to horse odor to a dedicated morning routine — which will help you to keep your eyes peeled the most.

This gentle yoga will prime your body for sleep:

How do you know when it’s safe to exercise again?

As the years go by, you will need more time to recover in your workouts. But how do you know enough?

According to Milton, the best test for muscle recovery is the lack (or even improvement) of muscle pain. “Wait until the peak of your pain is over,” she says. He advised not to do the exact same exercise for several days in a row: “The nerve connection to the muscle will still get tired, and it will be an inefficient exercise until recovery begins.”

Conversely, Milton says you shouldn’t wait too long between sessions. “Waiting more than a week is too much,” he says. You need a certain amount of consistency in your routine to see an increase in strength.

Choose your workout with recovery in mind

To get the most push for your money, Milton recommends focusing your workouts on moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercises such as walking, cycling or canoeing as you get older. “These exercises create less pain and are good for both muscle and cardiovascular health.” A good way to tell if an activity fits this section? It should be something you can do for more than 10 minutes without fatigue. “If you can answer a question but not speak in full sentences, then this is a medium-intensity practice.”

After all, aging doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite type of exercise, or spend a lot of time recovering instead of moving your body. Setting yourself up strategically will get you back to the gym in no time!

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