Find out how bere can affect your glutes and thighs

When people start a regular barre routine, they usually (and happily) notice changes in their thighs (and the rest of their body), which makes sense, because the moves challenge you in a whole new way.

But potentially slimmer thighs aren’t the only benefits of this super-powered body-sculpting routine.

Barre strengthens and works the entire body, included the thigh

But one thing needs to be made clear: you cannot burn fat in isolated areas of the body.

(‘Spot fat reduction,’ as they call it, is a fitness myth that refuses to die.)

When you notice that the barre starts to change your thighs, it’s very likely that you’ll see changes in the rest of your body as well.

“We look at the bottom line as a whole, and we take a functional approach to our lesson plans,” says Andrea Rogers, founder of Xtend Barre.

“That is, we work on all planes of motion to help you gain strength for your daily activities.”

How Barre Affects Your Thighs

Women taking bar classes

“While barre can help you get slimmer legs, at first you may notice that they go a bit in the opposite direction,” says Andrea.

Because you’re challenging the body in a new way, especially the muscles, and that new stress can trigger a mild inflammatory response, which can lead to mild swelling from fluid retention.

So if you notice your pants are a little tight during the first few days at the barre, don’t worry, Andrea explains that it won’t last long.

Once your thighs get used to this type of exercise, they will stop retaining fluid and become leaner and stronger.

(And the same can be said about other parts of the body).

How Bars Affect Your Glue

Women taking bar classes

For aesthetics, prepare them to look firm and lifted. You’ll work your glutes a lot, and you’ll even learn how to contract and activate them efficiently, thus strengthening them, and possibly what you’ll know as “barre glutes”!

“Above all, what matters beyond how your hips look is how well they function,” says Andrea.

Xtend Barre focuses equally on building strength and improving stability throughout the hip flexors and glutes.

Andrea also comments: “You’ll have a lot more power, control and mobility with it.”

In short, you’ll move better… and with more attractive hips and thighs!

Where can you go?

By doing barre, you’ll likely see changes throughout your body, as well as discover other benefits, such as increased endurance, strength, focus, and mind-body connection.

But it’s a shame you can only achieve these results at a boutique barre studio with limited hours, expensive memberships and a long way from home, right?

You are wrong!

With Xtend Barre, the studio is where you are. You don’t even need a bar, because you can move with a chair, the back of a couch or even a countertop.

“It’s a low-impact, accessible program that anyone can do anywhere, anytime, at their own pace,” Andrea explains. “It’s for all ages and experience levels.”

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