Find out how content creator Shaunise Price uses her Fitbit to manage a busy schedule

Regardless, Shawnice Price has a busy life. In addition to being a single mother of two elementary school-aged children, she works full-time and is completing a bachelor’s degree in accounting. After all, she is a popular health and fitness influencer on Instagram. With all the demands of her day, she admits it can be easy to overlook basics like eating well and exercising

“The truth is that I can’t let my health slip,” says Shawnis. “If I don’t make diet and fitness a priority, I’ll never be able to keep up with everything I need to do.” But like everyone, he admits, some days he needs a little extra motivation. That’s when she relies on her Fitbit Sense, which she calls “my life coach on my wrist.”

When Shaunice first got a Fitbit Versa in 2018, she mostly used it to get her 10,000 steps a day, a goal she liked to share with her mom and some friends. When he bought his Fitbit Sense in 2021, he began to rely on features that gave him little nudges and encouragement. It wasn’t long before he started using guided coaching programs and video workouts to start his day. He looked at health metrics to chart his improvements over time. There are few Fitbit premium features he hasn’t tried at least once.

“I track my menstrual cycle and stress levels, and I log my water intake and what I eat during the day,” she says. “I’ve been a Fitbit evangelist around my friends, family and colleagues. I always talk to people about my Fitbit and I love the challenges I can do with others where we can compete in a friendly way and hold ourselves accountable.”

Shaunise has always been active and athletic, but her Fitbit has given her new ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle. “With my Fitbit, I tried some new activities,” she says. “I even tried some mindfulness and meditation. I never realized how hard it was for me to sit still, relax and take deep breaths. I learned things about myself that I didn’t know. In particular, I now understand how important sleep is to my physical and mental health.”

Shawnee’s journey to health has not always been smooth or easy. As a teenager, she struggled with eating healthy and maintaining a positive body image.

“I was a skinny kid, and for a while, I restricted what I ate to the point that it was unhealthy,” she recalls. “I was probably borderline anorexic. Then I learned about bulimia on television, and I started that behavior. I hid the illness from my friends and family, but strangely, I thought it was normal for a long time. It was like an addiction.”

One day Shaunice looked at herself in the mirror and saw herself clean. He realized that he was looking at a body that was not getting enough nutrition and a young woman who was so lacking in energy that she almost fainted at times. “I was frail and frail, and I didn’t like the way my clothes hung on my body,” she recalls. “That’s when I started what I call my ‘self-love, self-care journey.'”

Logging what she eats on the Fitbit app helps remind Shawnis to get the nutrients and calories her body needs to function at peak levels. She also uses Fitbit recipes to create balanced meals with healthy levels of macro and micronutrients.

Shaunice shared her health journey via Instagram. He does not try to present an ideal, perfect self. He believes it is essential to be honest about his struggles and successes. “I was tired of hiding things,” she says, “I wanted to connect with men and women who were struggling to try to live a healthy life.”

When Shawnice became a mother, maintaining good eating and exercise habits became doubly important. She must stay healthy but model healthy behavior for her children.

“I want my kids to know that exercise and eating healthy doesn’t have to be a burden—it can be fun and enjoyable,” she says. “When I’m feeling my best, I’m the kind of person who smiles easily, smiles at everyone, and strikes up a conversation with the person next to me in the checkout line. That’s the person I want to see them. Being healthy isn’t just about your body; It’s about your ability to stay enthusiastic, embrace life and show love to the world.”

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