Fitbit’s new slip profile with premium is being introduced to help you get quality

Here at Fitbit, we know how important it is to get good quality sleep. We also know that it can be difficult for someone to get that high sleep score. That’s why we’re taking our sleep insights to the next level so you can better understand your Zzz in a whole new way.

Introducing a completely new personalized slip profile for Fitbit Premium members. The slip profile looks beyond your night’s sleep and analyzes your sleep over a month long period to identify your specific habits and tendencies. Your sleep profile consists of three components: ten basic sleep metrics, sleep animals, and an analysis of your monthly sleep based on education and guidance.

Sleep profiles help you understand your sleep more than ever before so that you can make conscious decisions to help improve your sleep quality over time. Let’s dive into it!

Why is sleep important for your overall health?

The importance of good quality sleep cannot be overstated. It can affect your mood, control your appetite, stay away from illness, help improve your athletic performance and much more. At Fitbit, we believe that sleep is the foundation on which all positive health outcomes are enhanced and that is why we have created innovative and science-supported features to help you get your best rest every night and overtime.

Up to this point, your Fitbit has tracked your night’s sleep and provided insights such as duration, light time, depth and REM, and even provided a slip score to help you understand your sleep quality from the night before. Now, with the help of sleep profiles, we are moving away from nighttime sleep and looking at long-term sleep trends and one-month-long behaviors.

Remember that slip scores and slip profiles are not for medical purposes and users should consult their healthcare professional for questions about their health.

Understanding your new slip profile

As mentioned above, your sleep profile is derived from a month-long analysis of your sleep, consisting of three main components. Wear your Fitbit for at least 14 nights sleep to get a slip profile early each month. Keep reading to know the in-and-out of each, including the benefits and more.

Menstrual sleep analysis. Monthly Sleep Analysis is an analysis of ten basic sleep metrics, which are a key part of your SIP profile. Our team of research scientists and sleep experts has studied over one million anonymous sleep logs and analyzed and evaluated over a thousand sleep characteristics, which we found in the ten advanced sleep metrics you see today:

We have five brand new metrics such as “Time before sound sleep” and “Night with long wakefulness” and five pre-existing metrics like “Restorative” and “Deep” sleep that are now shown in a new way to highlight menstrual trends.

For the first time, these ten metrics are able to provide precise insights into your monthly sleep patterns and behaviors. The metrics will help you better understand which aspects of your sleep may need improvement and which are already contributing to quality sleep.

The ten metrics are important because each captures a unique aspect of sleep in order to evaluate the quality of sleep. These are the determining factors by which your fitbit identifies your sleeping animal.

Sleeping animals. Each month, you will receive a slip animal that most closely reflects your sleep style from last month. There are six sleeping animals and each represents a distinct type of sleep. Maybe you are a sound-sleeping bear slowing down for a month or so. None is better than the other, they highlight the difference in sleep patterns!

Your sleeping animal can help you better understand your sleep patterns and trends and imagine changes over time.

We went through five rounds of rigorous user testing and interviews with five subject matter experts to reach the metaphors and figures of the six animals.

Education and instruction. Your sleep profile helps you better understand your overall sleep and sleep hygiene so you can identify areas to focus on improvement.

Analyzing your monthly sleep will help you identify which aspects of your sleep can be improved through your ten advanced sleep metrics as well as clinically informed ranges. You can see the ideal and general range based on your age and other fitbiters of gender, which will help you know which metrics you can focus on for a given month to move to the ideal range.

Finally, once you start collecting more slip profiles, you’ll be able to see how your slip animal and matrix evolved over time by looking at your past slip profiles.

Healthy living begins with good quality sleep. Try Fitbit Premium now to unlock slip profiles so you can get a deeper understanding of your sleep and find out what you can do to improve your sleep in a whole new way. Happy snoozing!

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