For the holiday season, give the gift of health

This holiday season, health and happiness are sure to be on many people’s wish lists.

That’s why we’ve put together a special list of quality gifts to help you get your Christmas shopping off to a good start and find the perfect health and wellness gift for all your loved ones.

Check out our Christmas gift guide: it’s got delicious and healthy ideas for everyone on your list, from dessert lovers to fitness enthusiasts to candy-loving kids.

As the holiday season approaches, get ready to celebrate health and happiness and show your gratitude to all of your loved ones with a gift that is not only good for their physical and mental well-being, but for yours as well!

For dessert lovers:

Shakeology (Choose their favorite flavor!)

Shakeology, a unique and powerful nutritional blend of superfoods for a gourmet and appetizing dessert. Treat your favorite dessert lover to this superfood-rich smoothie that helps nourish your body and make you feel healthier than ever*.

For more dynamic:

power up

Help the most active people around you complete their toughest workouts with more strength and endurance††.

†† Contains caffeine which improves mental acuity during intense muscle activity.

For those looking for shine:

Beachbody Collagen Boost

Give the glow-seekers on your list a Beachbody collagen boost. Beachbody Collagen Boost helps increase skin elasticity and supports healthy nails with just one targeted daily scoop*.

For fitness enthusiasts:

Beachbody bike

Power slide disc

Power Loops Resistance Bands or Elastic Resistance Bands

6 weeks of supplemental material at work

Provide fitness enthusiasts with essential equipment that will effortlessly upgrade their home gym.

For weightlifters:


Support your favorite weightlifter with the perfect gift to help them build lean muscle so they can stick to their training regimen**.

** Protein contributes to the development of muscle mass.

For Jet Setters:

Le Kit de Weekender

Give an all-inclusive gift that includes everything your jet-setter needs for their fitness journey at home or on the road.

Don’t forget these items, perfect for decorating the Christmas tree…

Power up the stick

BEACHBAR snack bar


Some products, flavors and configurations may not be available in your market.

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