Frequently Asked Questions 4 week intestinal protocol

Whether you’ve just started the 4 week gut protocol or just considering it, it’s important to make sure you have all the information you need to succeed on your journey.

Beachbody super trainer and nutritionist Autumn Calabres has been dealing with stomach problems for years.

After many tests and errors, and after working closely with her doctor, she found a way to end her physical and mental taxing gastrointestinal problems.

To confirm the results you want, Sharat and his team have put together a 4 week Intestinal Protocol FAQs.

Here you will find some questions in it and below, a link to the complete FAQ!

1. Since dietary supplement 4 week intestinal protocol Will they be restored?

After a very successful launch, our teams are working hard to optimize the 4 week gut protocol and get the revived bundle back in stock.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide more details as we get more information!

In the meantime, you can get additional details about the program by visiting FAQ 5173.

2. How will I feel following the 4 week intestinal protocol?

Autumn explains that depending on your previous diet (more or less healthy), you may have some unpleasant symptoms, such as minor headaches and fatigue.

These symptoms should disappear after about a week.

3. Can I drink coffee during the program?

You can drink coffee, but not more than three 240ml / 8oz cups per week.

For more information on caffeine restrictions, visit the BeachBody on Demand 4 Week Gut Protocol Program page and click on the “Resources” tab.

From there, open the Food List PDF and view the “Coffee and Tea” page.

4. Where can I get information about which BeachBody supplements I can take during the program?

Please see FAQ 5173 in the “Recommended Dietary Supplement” section.

5. Should food be measured in containers before or after cooking?

It depends on the type of food you are measuring. See “Food List” under the Resources tab.

This list provides measurements of foods that do not fit easily in a container and also specifies which foods are measured after cooking.

To see a complete list of questions answered by our team, please see the full FAQ.

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