How the Daily Morning Walk has changed my mental health

I I’m not a morning man — it’s pretty clear to someone close to me. In fact, I’ve never been a morning man. Before I was old enough to drink coffee, my family knew I had to give them a spacious berth in the morning. It’s not just my time to shine, TBH. So, while I was willing to walk every morning for a week, I wasn’t optimistic about the challenge. I thought I’d do a few rounds around my block, and that’s it. What I found though was that a few days of walking in the morning turned into a week, which turned into the next week, and before I knew it, I walked every morning.

That’s right, there’s a big motivation to walk in the morning: coffee, baby! As a Midwest transplant dweller living in the big city, I indulged in East Coast recreation with my roommate to have a huge coffee at our nearest DD. Will I ensure the patronage of local coffee shops in my community, including locally roasted coffee?

Caffeine was my main inspiration for getting out of bed when I took this assignment, but it quickly shifted to other benefits that turned out to be Really The best part is waking up and I have been practicing (almost every day) for over a month now. So without any further ado, some way of walking in the morning changes my day, my mindset and how I work.

I can come to my to-do list with fresh eyes

Since I live in Brooklyn, my home office is in my bedroom. I love my little corner of the universe, but it is, admittedly, sometimes a little * comfortable *. I am grateful every day that my commute is about three steps away from my bed. However, it really isn’t so helpful for restoring my engine for days. Getting out and walking, sweating a little, and chatting with my roommate about nothing and everything is the perfect way to shake off the sleep net from my brain and turn my gears on.

I feel uncomfortable without it

On rainy days, or on days when I already have a cold drink in the fridge and don’t have to go for coffee — my roommate and I skip our walks. Since I made it through my initial week of testing, it’s not messing with this assignment; Anyway, skip my Morning Walk By Mess with me Without that movement, the amount of buzz I get from caffeine now feels uncomfortable and suppressed.

Also, walking around slowly, squatting in the sun, wearing a dress that can only be described as pajama-chic, really relaxed me and gave me a dose of something that made the rest of my day so much better.

This makes it easier to move around all day

The Morning Walk seems to completely lubricate my desire for movement. I find that on days when I’m walking, I feel like doing a little yoga or stretching during the day or lifting some weight off my hair in a workout video at home. It really applies to my brain like having an object in motion.

It has changed my relationship with caffeine

I’ve always liked caffeine indiscriminately. I am a writer; This is what we do. Walking in the morning gives me a lot to think about coffee and its dependence. I realized that if walking really makes me feel better – sometimes choosing decaf seems like the right choice. This is especially true on weekends. Walking on a leisurely weekend in a cafe for a decaf lat is now one of my favorite things because I can walk, fresh air, delicious coffee and then sleep.

It’s really hard to break a routine — especially when it’s something you have and love, like a morning routine or a coffee pickle. At first, it seemed like I was giving up something, but in the end I achieved a lot more.

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