How to Organize Your Home According to ‘The Home Edit’

i amn this day and age, being busy is most people’s default position. The problem is, when you’re always on the go—physically or mentally—taking time to organize can be challenging (and, frankly, terrifying). The biggest problem, though, is when piles start to build and clutter starts to take over your home, you run the risk of becoming confused, stressed, and even depressed. The opposite is true in an uncluttered space. It’s so uplifting and appealing to people, that there’s a corner of the social media universe devoted solely to oddly satisfying content about organizing, cleaning, and restocking mundane everyday spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. But after a serious deep dive, it became clear that there was a serious lack of good advice on how to organize your home gym.

After all, working out is supposed to be the ultimate mood booster, but if the place in your home where you sweat is a cluttered mess, it might be something else. With that in mind, we chatted with none other than The Home Edit’s Joanna Taplin and Clea Shearer to uncover their top tips for tidying up your home gym (whether it’s a full room or a cozy corner).

For dedicated workout space

If you’re stressing over how to organize your home gym equipment, you’re not alone. That said, there isn’t a specific way to get the job done, as it all depends on your space. “If you have a dedicated gym area in your home, shelving and bins are the best option,” says Teplin. Don’t just throw everything on a shelf and random container and call it a day.

Instead, take the classic home edit approach and start transforming your home gym by editing your equipment. As with anything, Shearer and Taplin recommend physically going through and evaluating each individual item. Not sure what to keep and what to toss? Ask yourself this: If you didn’t own it, would you buy it again? If not, it doesn’t deserve a place in your home gym.

Once you’ve edited your tools, it’s time to categorize and sort. “You want to contain everything by category and label it, making the system as simple as possible,” says Shearer. While doing this, think about how your mind works. Are you an out of sight, out of mind person? If so, you’ll want to opt for clear bins instead so you don’t overlook the gym equipment you want to use during your sweat sesh.

On the other hand, if visible equipment makes you feel stressed, you can store your weights, bands, foam rollers, and other props in opaque bins, woven baskets, or a chic storage cabinet.

For versatile spaces

Not enough room for a full workout room or even a dedicated corner? For a more portable system, Taplin and Shearer swear by a rolling cart. “Being able to store all your stuff in just one place is a game-changer,” says Teplin. “Roll it out when you need it and store it in a closet when you’re done,”

If square footage is hard to come by because you live in a small house or apartment, Shearer recommends an over-the-door rack. Another option? Peg-board storage, which is becoming increasingly popular on Pinterest.

Additional organizational elements

Once you’ve got the containment out, you’ll want to add a label to the box or shelved so you know where all your favorite fitness gear goes. While you can use a marker and a piece of tape, for a more streamlined approach, consider using a label maker like the old-school Dymo LetraTag Handheld Label Maker. Or, if you’re feeling fancy or prefer a certain level of personalization, invest in a Cricut Joy machine. It’s more expensive, but it lets you customize fonts and does more than just create labels.

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate it more conveniently—and ultimately make it a more motivating space in your home—Shearer and Taplin recommend storing your water and supplements (NatureMade’s Wellblends gummie vitamins are their go-to) and fitness gear so you’re healthy together. Habits can stack.

Put your newly acquired fitness equipment to good use with this upper-body workout that only takes 11 minutes:

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