I’m a 40H, and this is my favorite high impact sports bra

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Anyone with large breasts like me knows this to be true: big breasts are no walk in the park. From chronic back pain to falling off low-cut shirts, being “blessed” at the top often feels like a curse. While I’ve grown to love my curvy figure, finding clothes that flatter it is still a challenge. This is especially true for the gym, where I need active wear to perform athletic feats as well.

While comfortable during a leisurely stroll, a built-in shelf bra just won’t cut it for my H-cup breasts during a sweaty high-intensity workout. Running, jumping, and weightlifting all beg for a certain level of serious security from my sports bra (my chest, although great, is no match for gravity.) My never-ending search for a high-impact sports bra and a limited student budget led me to Here’s where I found the Sirocan Sports Bra ($28) on Amazon. With over 4,000 5-star reviews from fitness enthusiasts of all bub shapes and sizes, I decided I had to take the plunge (pun intended) and give it a try too.

This bra is arguably the most supportive bra I’ve ever worn — underwear included. What sets the Syrokan bra apart from others is its customizable feature. It’s equipped with adjustable Velcro straps that sit just below your shoulders, allowing you to literally lift your breasts up at a whim to your liking. And while you’re scoffing at “velcro straps,” don’t. It’s still flattering and stylish enough for you to wear it alone as a top, just with unmatched support. For a more snug, no-bump feel, tighten the straps to secure them over your shoulder; For a low-impact workout, secure the straps close to your breasts.

There are no XS through XL sizing here; Syrokan uses bra size measurements, from 32B to 44H, which are hard to find on and off Amazon. It also comes with hook-and-eye closures, adding some much-needed back support for HIIT workouts, plus a super-wide band, which fully covers your under-bub area and upper back as you move.

Photo: Amelia McBride

I appreciate the thin layer of padding that is sewn into the bra, adding extra breast coverage without having to use annoying removable pads. It’s surprisingly breathable for the amount of structure and support it provides, thanks in part to moisture-wicking mesh inserts on the sides. As for the material, this bra is made with a stretchy-yet-durable blend of polyester and spandex, an ideal activewear combo that has kept my Sirocan bra going strong for months.

Something to keep in mind is that this bra is only available in the BH cup size, unfortunately excluding some buyers. And while the sizing is pretty spot-on, some reviewers have reported that the bra is too snug for their liking. For me, the tightness is a plus, since I don’t want any extra boob movement during my workout.

As I said, the Syrokan has over 4,000 reviews and many users praise it as the sports bra of choice for larger breasts. “This is the only bra I’ve found that actually works, and I’ve had it for 2+ years,” attests one Amazon reviewer. “I bought three different sports bras on Prime Day and this is the only one I kept – now going to buy more,” says another. “I ordered a 34E and it’s cute and my favorite bra to run in. It’s super adjustable and the straps are wide enough so they don’t cut into my shoulders…you won’t regret buying it!”

A fellow happy customer, I echo their sentiments—I can finally say I’ve found a reliable sports bra that’s as strong as I am. If you’re looking for a supportive sports bra for larger breasts that *actually* fits, check out the Syrokan. Here.

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