The phrase “low impact” can sometimes be mistaken for “low impact” but that is certainly not the case if you challenge your body in the right way.

A fact: A bar class like Xtend Barre’s is a low-impact total-body workout that is accessible and highly effective for everyone, according to its creator, Andrea Rogers.

“Everyone Finds his account, “he explains.” With Xtend Barre, we enter the ‘challenge zone’, where you work in a range that seems right to you, but where you give everything you have. “

Think of barbells as a low-impact, large-fruit workout.

Who should avoid the bar?

Since the bar is low-impact, it’s perfect for everyone, Andrea says.

Alternatively, if you have struggled with exercise before or your mobility is limited (or new to barre or pilates), you can change moves.

Xtend Barre, for example, a dynamic mix of cardio, Pilates and ballet bars, includes a variety of moves to choose from if you don’t want to use dumbbells or feel uncomfortable lifting. Arms over your head.

For this reason, no one should think that they should avoid following Xtend Barre.

Andrea brings lots of inspiration, helpful instructions and offers a variety for each step in each workout.

If you are injured or recovering, please consult your physician before starting any new workout, including barre.

Target area by bar

Now what we call the whole bodybuilding! The bar gives you:

  • Strong abs
  • Strong arms and legs
  • The curve of the “classic dancer’s buttocks”, thanks to the emphasis on the gluteal muscles.

Also, the bar can help reduce the risk of injury, as you will strengthen the back and hip muscles, which will allow you to be more stable for bar movement and daily activities. (In other words, the bar provides the benefit of effective training).

As Andrea puts it, “You don’t have to do one hour of aggressive, high-impact cardio every day to get results.”

Since he also creates Xtend Barre workouts that focus on specific muscle groups, you can choose classes that strengthen and define areas like your shoulders and arms, abs or lower extremities.

Does Xtend Barre improve flexibility?

Andrea Rogers Xtend Barre is leading the workout

Of course, by exercising Xtend Barre regularly, you will see increased flexibility and this is not just due to dynamic stretching.

(Although this part helps and does, much better!)

Flexibility results from a combination of strength training and mobility, because your muscles work together to expand your range of motion.

This is another great advantage of Xtend Barre, since Andrea forces you to work on all moving planes.

(This means you will work back and forth, side by side and rolling).

You can practice in the bar anytime, anywhere

Andrea Rogers Xtend Barre is leading the workout

Even better, you can perform Xtend Barre’s workouts wherever you are: at home, in a hotel room, or even in a conference room at work during your lunch break.

“It’s an accessible, low-impact workout that anyone can do anywhere, anytime, at their own pace,” says Andrea.

Also, since these full-body workouts are short versions of the traditional one-hour bar class, you can get the results of heavy, full body sweating sessions in less than twice as much time.

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