Lunch break extends to reset your body

IIf your buttocks are dangerously close to merging with your chair, it’s time to extend some lunch breaks.

In our latest version Well stretchedChloe de Winter of Go Chlo Pilates will lead you to a seven-minute spine-lengthening, buttock-and-shoulder-opening run that is designed to break your workday.

Working long hours at a desk can degrade your posture, cause pain in the neck, shoulders and lower back, and even contribute to stress. And with so many people continuing to work from home, we may be wandering around for meetings and coffee breaks less than we used to. But taking breaks to relax these muscles can help you get stuck in a desk work trap, so it’s a good idea to make stretching a regular part of your routine.

Also, when you hold on to a keyboard, stretching also feels really good.

First, De Winter will help you get up from your chair to relieve that spinal strain. Sitting puts pressure on our spinal discs, which can exacerbate drowsiness, so stretching can help add some space back.

Next goals are those tight, compressed buttocks. Your buttocks are responsible for carrying the weight of your upper body, and are surrounded by major nerves. All that can get crunched and your buttock flexors can literally get smaller after spending hours on your bottom. Taking the time to open them and allow blood to flow again can keep your buttocks happy and prevent “Dead Butt Syndrome”.

Finally, De Winter focuses on the all-important shoulder প্রধান the major casualty of our screen-centric world. Our shoulders are affected in many ways from desk work. If you are under stress, you can exacerbate them. Leaving the good posture of sitting for long periods of time allows your shoulders to rotate forward and shorten those muscles. The whole shoulder-neck-back zone can be an exciting mess. This is what makes the last part of this video really interesting: if your shoulders are like ours, the stretched parts will show you how badly your shoulders wanted to move and rotate instead of hanging.

Wow, we needed it!

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