IIt’s easy to get stuck on a roller coaster of an on-again off-again relationship with exercise. We’ll make a decision to get fit and plan a fantastic workout schedule – just to hit the wall suddenly. Because let’s be real: life happens. The best plan is to go to the gym before work or squeeze in a Pilates class for lunch sometimes. Before we even realize it, we’ve been completely out of line for weeks or even months.

Then, less and see, we get it back! But is the yo-yo exercise routine doing more harm to our bodies than we realize?

The feeling of pain after a big workout is that your muscle fibers rupture and they rebuild to become stronger as they repair themselves. While this isn’t a bad thing (moderately), when you stop exercising for a while, studies show that your once-useful muscles need a little more time to get back into the routine.

Exercise physiologist Bill Sucala, with a PhD in exercise science, says, “No pain, no gain” to ignore this tedious proverb.

“While a demanding workout is definitely a good thing, even relatively light exercise can improve your health and reduce your risk of injury and disease,” he says. “Despite the popularity of this ancient gym rat fight cry, it’s actually a free ticket to ride the exercise roller coaster.”

So how can you break the cycle?

Rest day schedule from start

Instead of trying to workout every day when you are just getting back to your fitness groove, choose moderate exercise two or three days a week and be aware of having two rest days in between.

Injury is a very common cause, with interested athletes falling off the wagon. This is partly because the risk of injury to your body increases when you are just starting a fitness routine. Rest gives you the opportunity to reorganize your muscles.

Give your stamina time to come back

If you feel a little tired from the gate, don’t worry. When you exercise regularly, your cardiovascular system can act as a well-oiled machine to get oxygen to your muscles. Unfortunately, when you are in the quiet phase of the yo-yo exercise, you will probably lose some of the aerial progress you have made, which will give you the feeling of breathing a little faster than usual.

Maybe you’re really cranking up a five-mile run but haven’t hit the trail in a while? Don’t be afraid to start slowly and let your body hold where you were. Even if your legs feel ready to cover the distance or you can still technically do those high-weight bench presses, remember to start slowly and gradually increase your goal, exercise time, repetition and mileage.

Let it be a physical meditation

Regular workouts improve the health of your brain এবং and when you stop, you may notice a lack of endorphin-driven energy that you feel on a regular basis. Dr. Sukala recommends using exercise as a form of physical meditation to clear your mind as soon as your habits return.

“Exercise is known to reduce stress and improve brain function, which in turn brings mental clarity and helps you make better decisions in life,” he says. He suggests going out for a long walk or riding a stationary bike with pen and paper in hand. Then, write down and work on the things that are on your mind because you are pumping those endorphins again.

Choose your workouts strategically

Choose activities that you enjoy and enjoy. You’re more likely to stick to a workout routine that you actually like. Maybe it’s a co-editor joining a kickball league, or a new hobby like roller skating. Don’t worry too much about the details of which parts of your body you are strengthening — just practice regular movement.

Set smart goals

While you can undoubtedly go back to your maximum fitness routine and stick with it, breaking the yo-yo cycle can sometimes be a challenge. Dr. Sukal says the key to turning it off on its tracks is to get “smart”, an acronym that he uses to set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based goals.

“Exercise roller coaster riders often set vague goals, which set them up for inevitable failure,” he says. “It looks like you’ve got an exercise compass, but there’s no needle to guide you.”

Instead, choose a really measurable goal like signing up for a 10K fun race with friends, or promise to spend at least half an hour in the sun three days a week this summer doing something you enjoy. Once you make it a habit, it will become second nature.

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