Make a list and check it twice with Fitbit’s Holiday Gift Guide

As December approaches and the holiday season begins in earnest, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but don’t worry. We’re here to help you optimize your time and stay on top of your to-do list. From taking the guesswork out and skipping gift shopping to reminding you to take a moment for yourself (psst, that’s your cue), we’re here for you. After all, helping you get physically and mentally strong so you can be your best is part of what we do at Fitbit.

We have put together a specially curated list of gifts for your nearest and dearest. With health and wellness in mind, consider it your one-stop shop to check everyone off your list, including yourself. Also, we are offering exciting holiday deals. Check out the latest on today.

Read on for gifts from Fitbit throughout the year.

For Android enthusiasts

Google Pixel Watch. In October, the Google Pixel Watch was unveiled: built to combine Fitbit’s health and fitness expertise with Google’s smarts and helpfulness, it’s perfect for the movers and shakers in your life. You know, the ones you don’t know what to get for?

We got the answer. Give your loved ones all of the above in an elegant design with this premium new smartwatch.

For the thoughtful

Fitbit Sense 2. A smartwatch that can help improve their mind, body and overall health? Yes. Gift Sense 2, redesigned to feel more in-body, 24/7.

Sense 2 features a new body response sensor to help detect signs of stress. They’ll get body-based smart notifications to remind them to check what triggered them and how they’re feeling. They can then take steps to manage stress in the moment from their wrist.

Plus, they’ll get a 6-month Premium Membership¹, which means they can access tons of mindfulness content and benefit from the new Premium Sleep Profile—one of Fitbit’s advanced sleep tools. It’s a perfect gift for the person in your life you want to stress less and make smart choices about their health in the New Year. Help them look and feel their best with Fitbit Sense 2 + Premium and get a head start on all those New Year’s resolutions. Bonus points if you take them together.

For the show stopper

Fitbit Lux. Dress up your bestie’s wrist with Luxe, our most stylish and fashion-forward fitness tracker. Designed to help them take a more holistic approach to health and wellness, its slim design, made with jewelry in mind, makes it perfect for every occasion.

Luxe will help them take control of their health with everything from stress management scores to sleep tracking to active zone minutes and more, all in an elegant bracelet designed to complement their unique style so they can focus on their goals without sacrificing their looks. Not only that, they will also get 6 months of premium membership.¹

A tracker that will make them look and feel great? Sign us up.

For one who is always on the move

Versa 4. Is there someone in your life who is always focused on their fitness? This thin and lightweight smartwatch has over 40 exercise modes (more than double ours!) all available on the wrist, including new options like HIIT, weight lifting, CrossFit and dance.

They have the option to get outdoors with built-in GPS or discover something new with over 1,000 workouts and mindfulness sessions on Fitbit Premium. Plus, with Premium, they’ll have access to a daily readiness score, so they know when their body is ready to push harder or take a rest day. Either way, they’ll be impressed with the Versa 4.

Charge 5. Here help your loved one keep a pulse on not only their fitness goals, but also their stress, heart health, sleep and overall well-being. Charge 5 features tools like an on-device EDA sensor to help manage stress, an on-device electrocardiogram (ECG) app to assess their heart rhythm for signs of atrial fibrillation, and a daily readiness score to help them optimize their workout routine.⁴

But wait, it gets even better—they even get a 6-month premium membership.¹ What’s not to like? Help them make every minute count with our most advanced fitness and health tracker.

Inspired 3. The next generation of Fitbit’s popular health and fitness tracker is here to help your loved ones become their best selves in 2023. Inspire 3 makes it easy to live an active, healthy lifestyle, moving no matter what they do, without breaking your bank.

Whether they’re walking to work, trying the latest viral dance craze, or having lunch with friends, your Gifty can automatically track their Active Zone minutes, calories burned, distance, heart rate, and steps. Also, it comes in a slim, lightweight design with a vibrant color touchscreen and long battery life that can last up to 10 days.³

for kids

Ace 3: Special Edition Minions. Send kids on a mission to move with the inspiring Ace 3: Special Edition Minions. For kids ages 6 and up, this activity tracker is snug fitting, swim proof (up to 50 meters), features a fun watch face and is sure to have all kids jumping for joy.

For the one who loves to accessorize

‘Tis the season of signature style! Add some fashion to their fitness with stylish accessories for their tracker or smartwatch. From sport bands to leather to stainless steel, Fitbit has a band for every type of gift.

For your ever-style-savvy confidants, they’re sure to love the roaring for Luxe Parker Link bracelet. Designed to complement and layer the pieces they already love, this stylish bracelet will add a fashionable touch to their health and wellness journey. Choose from Soft Gold Stainless Steel or Platinum Stainless Steel, the perfect addition to their Fitbit Luxe.

For Google Pixel Watch enthusiasts, gift accessorizing options with bands that reflect their style, from athleisure-inspired woven bands to luxurious crafted leather.

Looking for more? Up your gifting game with our designer collections, like the Brother Velis Collection for Sense 2 and Versa 4 Horween® leather bands (bands sold separately).

And finally, for yourself

Already love your Fitbit tracker or smartwatch? Make it even better by gifting yourself Fitbit Premium, where you get access to daily prep, exercise motivation, improved sleep and stress insights, and more.¹

Don’t wait! Enjoy the holidays and check out the latest deals from Fitbit’s Holiday Sale today at

¹ Premium content and features are subject to change. Trials are only available to new and returning Premium users. Valid payment method required. Cancel before the free trial ends to avoid subscription fees. See full terms and conditions here.

² Leather goods made from Horween® leather and other materials.

³ Varies with usage and other factors.

⁴ Daily preparation requires a Fitbit Premium subscription Premium content recommendations are not available in all locales and may only be in English.

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