Matthew W. Lost 142 pounds in 10 months

Matthew Watt is a father of four and an IT professional from Minnesota who has struggled with his weight all his life.

Matthew was inspired when he saw a close friend, who had a similar struggle with weight, get fit and healthy.

He watched this friend transform, and when Matthew asked how he did it, his friend introduced him to his Beachbody coach, Carmen O’Quinn.

To say Carmen O’Quinn has some experiences that will transform your life would be an understatement.

She personally lost 161 pounds with Beachbody’s total solution to fitness, nutrition and support, and she won the $100,000 grand prize in the Beachbody Challenge competition in 2016.

With the expert guidance of Coach Carmen, Matthew embarked on his own fitness journey and documented his progress with a continuous record of photos and videos.

The jaw-dropping transformation she achieved in 10 months is truly inspiring!

Following in his coach’s footsteps, Matthew entered his transformation results in the Beachbody Challenge competition, where he advanced to the final round of the competition and won the grand prize of $100,000!

Read more about his amazing journey.

Life of Matthew, before

“I felt exhausted and unmotivated. I struggle to keep up with my four children. I felt I had failed as a father and a husband.

My body was a testament to my inability to take control of my life and I hated that about myself. Most of all, I’m afraid I’m modeling a terrible lifestyle that will teach my kids to be unhealthy and unhappy.

I wanted to change, but after past failures, I believed that change was impossible.

My friend, a lifelong struggler like myself, began to change. There was something different about her weight loss. She looked not only slim but strong and healthy.

She introduced me to her coach, Carmen. He was living proof that change is possible.

I knew that if I just believed in him, showed up, committed to the program and could see it through, I would get results.”

The Transfiguration of Matthew*

“[My Coach] Introduced me to a nutrition plan options. I chose to go with part fix.

And he introduced me to Beachbody on Demand and various programs; I chose to start with Morning Meltdown 100.

And then, this was critical, he plugged me into a bodygroup where I was talking to other people on the same journey. That’s how we started.

The support from BIOgroup, my coach and everyone else on the journey with me was everything. It is the difference maker. I’ve never had that before, and it’s the kind of thing that reminds me that I don’t believe in myself.

On-demand workouts combine the power of a group workout with the ability to go at my own pace. I can press ‘pause’ or ‘rewind’ if needed. I can struggle without feeling self-conscious.

I love the accessibility of being able to work in my own home. It made it easy to make fitness a part of my daily routine.

On the nutrition front, the Portion Fix paired with Shakeology ensures I have a plan I can enjoy.

I eat a variety of foods every day and always feel satisfied. I get great results without counting calories or keeping a detailed food journal! Part Fix isn’t just a plan I can ‘live’, it’s a lifestyle I enjoy.”

Life of Matthew, later

“I’m half the person I was, but I’ve never felt more fulfilled. I am stronger than I have ever been in my adult life. I have muscle and definition. From my shoulders to my calves. The difference is dramatic.

Physically, I am someone I never thought I could be. Some people talk about ‘getting back into shape’, but Beachbody has taken me to places I’ve never been before.

My quality of life has changed immeasurably since I started. I am a better, more present father and husband. My confidence and self-esteem increased. When you physically change it, it spills over into every area of ​​your life. The seemingly impossible becomes possible and nothing feels beyond your reach.

It may all sound a bit dramatic, but change does happen that Strictly I am a different person, and I am grateful.”

Follow Matthew on Instagram: @RealMatthewWyatt

Matthew’s Favorite Fitness Program: Morning Meltdown 100, LIFT4, P90X3, #MBF, Country Hits, Let’s Get Up!, A Week of Hard Work

Matthew’s Nutritional Supplement: Shakeology, Beachbody Performance Energy, Beachbody Performance Recover, 3-Day Refresh

*Results vary based on starting point and effort and Beachbody’s exercise and healthy eating plan. Matthew W. An independent Team Beachbody coach.

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