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Tired of spending a lot of money on expensive yoga classes that fit your schedule? We listen to you. This is why we are obsessed with Yoga52, BeachBody on Demand’s at-home yoga program.

It is designed to fit seamlessly into your life, no matter how busy your schedule is or wherever you are on your yoga journey.

And if that’s not enough to roll out your yoga mat, five world-class instructors of Yoga52 will do it.

This group of yogis knows what it takes to create home yoga videos that stand out from the rest

With their ultra-precise Qing and crystal-clear instructions, you will get all the benefits of a personal yoga instructor from the comfort of your own home.

And before you start with your downward dog Triangulation, Let us introduce you to our five amazing yoga 52 instructors.

Of course, they are all-star yogis, but you might be surprised to see some of their hobbies outside of the yoga mat!

Meet the instructors of Yoga 52

Odette Hughes

Add 52 trainers Odette

A graduate of Georgetown University with advanced degrees in Physiology, Integrative Medicine and Yoga Therapy, Odette Hughes is a registered yoga teacher and certified yoga therapist who focuses on daily health restorative wellness and yoga.

Audet teaches everything from challenging streams to slow and meditative fusion classes.

He doesn’t believe in one-sided-fit-all methods for yoga and celebrates the opportunity to help students discover their own inner guidance, even though it seems fun, candid and light.

Eligibility: Odette Venice has completed 500 hours of formal training in flow, hand, yin, and restorative yoga, and has led her own 200-hour and 300-hour teacher training programs.

About him: In her spare time, Odette loves to learn about all the arts and teaches herself Italian, German and how to play cello!

Brent Lafun

Added 52 Instructor Brent

Although Brent Lafun is a Los Angeles-based yoga instructor, he spread his passion by hosting workshops around the world.

His simple-minded personality, enthusiastic attitude and unique method of yoga have made his classes popular among yogis.

Brent helps his students strengthen their bodies and calm their minds by using a variety of styles, including yoga, astanga and bhakti yoga.

Her classes are both fun and intense, and combine traditional yoga philosophy and postures with a creative combination designed to challenge the body, open the mind, and enlighten the soul.

Eligibility: Brent is a RYT 200 and head teacher coach at Pure Yoga and Equinox Sports Club in Southern California.

About him: Before becoming a yoga instructor, Brent played college football at Dartmouth College and was on the Peace Corps.

She loves to surf, travel and ride a motorcycle.

Mickey Duran

Add 52 trainers Mickey

Before embarking on her yoga journey 15 years ago, Mickey Duran traveled as a professional dancer with Ricky Martin, Backstreet Boys and Babyface, and starred in performances such as Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, * NSYNC and Red Hot Chile. Pepper.

She now focuses her time as a yoga teacher and bar class instructor.

One of the things Mickey likes most about teaching yoga is how it can help people feel better, whether it’s overcoming fear, healing a broken heart, or taking care of an injury.

Mickey instills a sense of inspiration and enthusiasm in her class, so that her students can feel better both physically and mentally.

Eligibility: Mickey has completed 500 hours of teacher training. He teaches yoga at various studios in the Los Angeles area and he also teaches barre and TRX classes.

About him: In addition to touring with several famous musical acts, she has also appeared on TV shows such as “Showgirls,” “Barlesque,” “Austin Powers Goldmember,” and “Clues” and “Roundhouse” and “Glee.”

When he’s not doing yoga, Mickey can be seen playing any kind of word, board or card game: his favorites are Baldardash, Jean Ramie and Solitaire!

David Regelin

Added 52 coach David

Named one of America’s 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers and known for his precision, David Regelin has achieved a huge following for his dynamic “multi-intensive” experience – a strategy-based, athletic, and dynamic style of yoga centered around the handstand.

Leaning towards the mysterious and timeless, David’s practice and teaching can be described as a refined adaptation of how a sitting (posture) practice can awaken deep mind-body awareness.

David is an eloquent and skilled teacher who is sought after for his workshops and teacher interaction.

Eligibility: A yoga instructor since 2003, David has undergone 800 hours of teacher training and has led four 200-hour trainings, five 75-hour trainings and twenty 30-hour trainings.

About him: While he is not working with his clients in New York City, David is seen chasing, running and cycling behind his five-year-old son.

Marie Grujic

Add 52 trainers Marie

A born and raised Parisian, Marie Grujic moved to Hollywood for acting and dancing.

After enduring multiple injuries, he found his way into yoga, which helped him find healing and peace throughout many times of internal turmoil.

He is now one of the head instructors in Los Angeles, helping to make students body and mind fearless and strong as well as raise physical awareness in the most subtle state.

Due to his extensive dance background in companies like Cirque du Soleil, his yoga style is very fluid and flowing, although still very focused on proper alignment.

Called her “place of happiness,” Mary’s favorite part of yoga is the intimacy she feels with her breath, insights, and body.

Eligibility: Marie Hall is an E-RYT 500 and has completed more than 630 hours of teacher training in Hot Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, The YogaMaze Method, and Wanderlust Vinyasa Flow.

About him: Outside of the mat, Marie is proud of her French heritage and a true foodie. He is also a philanthropist mentally, using yoga and his creative energy to bring awareness to environmental and humanitarian causes.

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