Meet your Sound Meditation Guide Scarlett de la Torre

A self-described “global nomad” and “sonic magician,” Scarlett de la Torre is a musician, DJ, humanist, and international sound meditation facilitator.

Born in Hong Kong but proudly rooted, Scarlett combines her love of music and spirituality to promote word meditation – a process of using musical instruments to enhance the benefits of meditation.

He has teamed up with BeachBody to bring sound meditation to people wherever they are, through the BeachBody on Demand app.

In addition to her work on the spiritual side, Scarlett traveled the world on behalf of the anti-human trafficking organization Beauty for Freedom.

He uses his music performance and influential status to draw attention to crimes committed worldwide.

She is using her training in meditation and natural healing to actively engage in therapy and recovery efforts for survivors of human trafficking.

We were able to discuss with Scarlett her work, her passion, and her approach to leading the Beechbody Sound Meditation program.

Beachbody: Music is a big part of your life. Do you remember “Ah hah!” The moment when it came to discovery?

Tower Scarlet: Yes. I knew from a very young age that music was a part of me. I think I was about three or four years old, and I got up to play this electric piano in our house and started playing right away.

I just started playing with my ears. My mother listened to classical music and I played to her tunes.

How has music affected your life?

I’ve been a techno DJ for 20 years. My life was about travel. All about going to Dubai and Ibiza… which will be one weekend, anyway!

I will have a few days off and then I will be back on the road again. It was madness.

Now it’s a little less crazy, but I still travel a lot with being a sound healer. I have traveled to places like the UK to name a child in a castle.

I went to Necker Island to heal the sound for Richard Branson. I have the honor of being able to travel all these places to conduct word meditation.

During Covid, it was nice to be able to spend some time alone at my place in LA. This is where I came up with the idea for my school, AHA Sound Sanctuary.

My program is called Queen Frequency, and it’s about tapping into vibratory alignment with yourself.

Some people are a little scared of meditation. How can you make them feel comfortable sitting still?

Like a lot of people, “Oh, no. I can’t meditate. I can’t stop my mind. I can’t stop thinking. I can’t calm my mind.”

People are sitting in fear and not thinking anything, and I am the same! For it is impossible Me Sit still and don’t think for 15 minutes.

That’s why I like to use words. I like to use spells. I like to use purpose. I have been experimenting with mantras for about seven years and with vocal meditation for about five years.

It’s really wonderful when you can get really clear about the purpose of using your voice.

Just be like … “I am breathing light and life for my purpose, and I am breathing things that are not serving me at the moment. Let go of stress, let go of anxiety, let go of doubt.

I know it sounds a little Ao aoBut it works!

How did you get involved in humanitarian endeavors like Beauty for Freedom?

I was introduced to Monica Watkins, the wonderful, incredible founder of Beauty for Freedom while I was DJing in New York and helping them coordinate a fundraising event. This organization is a power house.

It is not only therapy for survivors, it is also about advocacy, raising awareness and assisting in mission support where children are rescued and freed and placed in places where they can receive education and shelter.

I didn’t actually expect to volunteer on the ground with them at first. But I was meditating after a flight and I wanted a sign.

I looked at the floor after coming out of this meditation, and the first thing I saw was my landing card that had fallen on the floor of the plane.

I picked it up and said, “Fight against human trafficking. Your call. “I was,” Okay, I want to go on this mission. “That was six years ago.

Now, we are working on a mission called Har Story, which is about supporting black-owned grassroots organizations and getting them more support.

Monica does all this with so much compassion. He is my hero.

You seem to have a pretty fearless outlook on life – there’s something By Are you scared

No! Why would anything scare me? I am safe and guided. It’s really wonderful to only be able to share my gifts with the world.

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