Mobility workout videos under 20 minutes

TThat year, there was one kind of movement everyone started flocking to: mobility.

Mobility-focused workouts, defined as the ability to move a joint through its full range of motion, are growing in popularity. That’s thanks to the gentle, feel-good approach to self-care and exercise that many people are taking, as well as the fact that working from home has reduced the daily commute and left our bodies feeling fidgety and tight.

Mobility has become a buzz word that is combined with stretching or yoga, but it is its own method.

“Stretching and yoga are not mobility,” Le Sweat TV instructor Charlie Atkins, CSCS, previously told Well+Good. “Of course, there are elements of mobility that exist in stretching and yoga classes. Nevertheless, mobility is the act of controlling and working through the full range of motion joint by joint, usually under tension or by creating tension. Stretching is passive, and I liken yoga to a series of movements targeting many joints at once.”

Your hips, spine, legs, shoulders, and really, any part of your body that has joints can benefit from regular tune-ups with mobility work. But the good news is that you don’t have to spend a long time on these workouts, which is why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite mobility routines that you can do in 20 minutes or less. Some focus on specific body parts and others emphasize various complementary techniques such as strength training or yoga. But all of these will leave you feeling looser, more lubricated, and better able to move about the world. Here are 11 mobility workouts with moves to start incorporating regularly into your life in the new year.

Your joints need to reach their full range of motion to perform exercises like squats and shoulder presses most effectively, so it’s natural that mobility and strength training go hand-in-hand. In this 16-minute workout, you’ll perform movements like figure-four crunches that work your legs and open your hips and YW, which activates your back muscles and challenges your shoulder mobility.

In this 15-minute workout, a long loop resistance band will help you loosen joints and strengthen muscles that support good posture, including your shoulders, back and core. Sitting in the same position for long periods of time can shorten your muscles and strain your joints. This workout is the antidote you need.

Starting your day with some movement can increase blood flow, which will benefit both your brain and your body. Do this 10-minute walking routine first thing you do (okay, maybe second thing, after your morning coffee).

You can literally perform these four moves in bed. Adapt from the day with moves like hip hinges, seated butterfly and cat-cow and try to move into a more relaxed state of mind.

Mobility can help you stay stable and active as you age. An occupational therapist shares with us six steps that can help prevent falls and maintain your ability to freely navigate the world.

Get ready to move those joints limb by limb in this 12-minute workout It includes standards like cat-cow and creative compound moves like a twisting runner’s lunge.

Your foot is a “mobile adapter,” meaning it literally moves around to change based on what’s underfoot. All those tiny moving parts require mobile leg joints that keep you standing. This four-minute series will keep your legs in tip-top shape.

You’ll get 360 degrees of motion in your hip joints with this 12-minute lower-body-focused mobility workout. Take that, sofa.

Can your spine twist and bend in a way that uses all that mobile spine? If you spend most of your day sitting still, it could probably use some relaxation. These five moves, starting with the classic cat-and-cow, will do the trick.

Hip mobility is extremely important for runners because it affects your stride length and ability to recruit all the muscles needed to go the distance. This 10-minute mobility-based warm-up will prepare your hips to help you fly.

Yoga naturally incorporates a lot of movement, so if you’re new to movement, it can be a great place to start. We admit we’re cheating a little here: This is the only workout on this list that’s under 20 minutes. But trust us, you’ll want every minute of this juicy routine.

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