Nike on Netflix: Now streaming your favorite workouts

WWhen you’re trying to start a new fitness habit, it’s very easy to get derailed. Other things come up, life gets busy, and before you know it, the gym you joined or the app you downloaded gets overlooked. One of the best ways to make a workout routine stick is to adopt the concept of “habit stacking,” or attaching a habit you want to adopt to a daily routine you’re already doing regularly.

Well, now there’s a fun new way to work out one of our favorite habits. Enter: Netflix and sweat.

Starting December 30, Netflix will offer episodes of your favorite series as well as more than 90 workouts from Nike Training Club. So zone out before you collapse onto your couch at the end of the day the crownYou can do some breaks with Nike trainer Tara Nicholas.

In a release, Nike said the new initiative is part of the brand’s mission to inspire everyone to make movement a daily habit: “The Nike Training Club content featured in this pilot consists of existing, best-performing programs compiled to focus on enjoyment, encouraging a consistent athletic journey. , requires minimal equipment, and is accessible to beginner to intermediate athletes.”

At launch, there will be five training programs you can choose from, each consisting of six to 14 workouts. In an effort to provide something for every family member logged into your account, a variety of genres and intensities are offered. Beginners might want to check out “Kickstart Fitness with the Basics,” while yoga-addicts can follow up with “Falling in Love with Vinyasa Yoga.” Also includes “Two Weeks to a Stronger Core,” “HIIT and Strength with Tara,” and “Feel-Good Fitness.”

More programs will roll out throughout 2023.

Of course, the Nike Training Club app is already free for anyone who wants to download it. But offering workouts on Netflix (which boasts over 220 million household subscriptions) could potentially inspire many more of us to add some exercise to our day before we fall asleep for the night. Don’t worry, all of Nike’s workouts are just five to 30 minutes long—with time to cool down afterwards.

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