Outdoor activities you can try while traveling

There’s a lot to enjoy about traveling somewhere new. And we know that spending time grounding ourselves in the outdoors can also help reduce stress levels. So why not do both? Whether it’s an adventure tour, hiking or climbing new terrain, hitting a scenic golf course, or more, there are plenty of summer activities you can try on your next vacation. Let’s get a little adventurous, shall we?

Try an adventure tour

Ziplining. Whether you’re speeding along zipline cables set miles above mountains, rainforests, deserts, or vast stretches of water, one thing’s for sure – ziplining is truly an adventure. And what better way to get a sense of the natural environment than with a bird’s eye view?

If you’re feeling particularly daring, you can try tight, fast spins or even flips while zooming down the line. Be sure to clear this with your tour guide first.

Trekking, hiking, and/or mountain climbing. One of the best ways to explore a new destination is to make your way through it on foot with the help of a friendly tour guide. Maybe you’ll choose to trek through a rainforest locale, or if you’re more experienced, climb into mountainous terrain.

Of course, you can always choose to hike or climb instead; Consider syncing it with a camping (or glamping!) trip to enjoy the great outdoors at its best.

In some destinations, you can sign up to take part in a “night walk” or tour, which, depending on where you are, can be as intrepid as it sounds—and a great way to experience the nocturnal variety of local wildlife. (We recommend doing such an activity with a guide.)

White water rafting. River or whitewater rafting is another great option for those looking for a sense of adventure during their trip. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly ride with kids or a more adventurous trip with experienced rafters, this is another activity that will require a guide.

And the good news? In some places you can go rafting from spring to late October.

Snorkeling or scuba diving. For those without scuba diving certification (and perhaps with a healthy fear of deep water), but still wanting to glimpse things beneath the surface, snorkeling is a go. Whether you take a day trip by boat to a well-known snorkeling spot or rent some gear near your vacation rental or hotel/resort stay, there’s always something to be said for checking out the world beneath the waves.

If you are dive certified, you might want to plan your trip around this! Depending on your location and the time of year, there’s no shortage of incredible underwater sights to explore, from exploring coral reefs and spotting a variety of exotic wildlife—seals, manta rays, and even humpback and whale sharks—to diving or exploring shipwrecks. .

Or, if you’re looking for something a little more leisurely. . .

golf Planning a road trip? You may want to bring your golf clubs with you. Tack on an extra day to play a course, or opt for a stay-and-play resort, and work on that swing while taking in the scenic views and challenging greens.

(Don’t have your own set of clubs, or don’t have room to bring them along on your trip? You can always rent from the range. If you want more options than what’s out there, try searching online for companies that offer you a selection of new models. (As opposed to what is still available.)

Kayaking or canoeing. As it turns out, kayaking through a national wildlife refuge and/or biodiverse area is one of the most exciting outdoor activities you can partake in while traveling. Of course, the type of wildlife—including endangered species—you can see depends on the locale, and what type of area you’re walking through (tidal marshes? marshes? lakes? These waterways have all kinds of marine ecosystems).

And, while it’s less intense than white water rafting, it’s still a workout—remember how your arms feel after hours of paddling!

If you want something particularly unforgettable, try opting for the bioluminescent tour. These night kayak tours highlight the natural phenomena of bioluminescent plankton, which give off a neon blue glow during the summer months—especially during a new moon, when they don’t compete with the light of the full moon. Talk about a dream come true!

Stargazing. Speaking of spectacular sights, here’s one that usually doesn’t require much planning (unless you’re chasing an eclipse or a meteor shower!) When it comes to stargazing, of course the best results come in places with low light pollution.

On a cruise? Take some time to admire the night sky while on the water, from a setting where dry land is a distant thought. Or, plan a camping trip to a place far away from the sounds and sights of humanity to ground yourself in the splendor of the constellations.

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