It’s no secret that yoga is good for you – it can increase strength, improve flexibility, maintain balance and reduce stress – it can also help you reshape your body and lose weight.

But in order to get Most Beyond your yoga practice – to realize the benefits that can make a real difference in your daily life – you need to be consistent.

This is where the addition of 52 comes The goal is to build the healthiest benefits of yoga in your life, 52 weeks a year

This program lets you dive deeper into yoga in your own home and on your schedule.

Just roll up your mat and start changing your body and mind in a way that only yoga can do, as you practice with the world’s top yoga instructors.

Yoga52 is flexible enough to work on your daily schedule – you can squeeze in only one class a week or you’re ready to hone your skills with a 30-day or 8-week yoga challenge, you can still see all the benefits of a regular yoga practice.

This is yoga, so being a free spirit is encouraged!

Follow one of the three schedules, or create your own path and choose a specific class level or trainer suitable for you.

We’ve gone a long way in bringing together a team of top-level yoga instructors to make sure you get a studio-quality experience in your own home.

Women are practicing yoga outside

With decades of combined teaching experience, the five master instructors you will follow at Yoga52 are innovators in the world of yoga and specialize in creating yoga practices that work with strict schedules and busy lives.

You’ll also like that every movement of the Yoga52 is pinpointed with precision, so there’s no need to stare at the screen and interrupt your flow.

You can literally do a whole class and never have to look at the next step if you don’t want to test your form.

Whether you’re out to hone your skills or you’re just starting your yoga journey, Yoga52 makes it easy to get started and stay committed.

Every time you return to the mat, you will feel a little stronger, a little more flexible, and closer to one step to enjoying the benefits of strength, flexibility, balance and weight-loss that can come with a sustainable yoga practice.

How to start adding 52

Yoga52 for whom?

Yoga52 is for those who want to incorporate yoga into their daily lives but have had trouble fitting it into their busy schedules in the past.

Anyone who wants world-class guidance to find it without having to travel the world.

Or anyone who wants to experience all the benefits – a calm mind, a weak body, a healthy attitude – but does not have access to a quality studio or resources to take those classes.

In short, Yoga52 is for everyone – from beginners to yoga experts – who want to hone their skills through one-on-one guidance from world-class yoga instructors – at home and on their own schedule.

How does Yoga52 work?

The woman is practicing yoga in her garage

The program is designed to fit seamlessly into your life, so you can establish a healthy yoga practice 52 weeks a year – with the promise of just one 20- to 60-minute class per week – or by choosing to take 30. Get fast results in 8-day or 8-week yoga challenge.

The schedule you choose should be determined by what is comfortable for your body and what fits your goals.

Yoga52 is designed to be flexible so you can easily bring the health benefits of yoga into your life.

Add 52 Who are the trainers?

Yoga52 is led by five of today’s most in-demand yoga instructors: Odette Hughes, Brent Lafun, Mickey Duran, David Regelin and Marie Grujic.

Every highly educated, certified expert has spent years teaching around the world and knows for himself what it takes to bring the power of yoga into daily life.

See more about each here.

Odette Hughes

A graduate of Georgetown University, Odette Hughes is a registered yoga teacher and certified yoga therapist with advanced degrees in Physiology, Integrative Medicine and Yoga Therapy.

Odette is a standout among the yoga elite for its dedication to daily health-restoring well-being and yoga.

Brent Lafun

Considered the world’s top yoga instructor, Brent Lafun blends traditional yoga philosophy with various creative movements to strengthen the body and calm the mind.

A former college football player and Peace Corps volunteer, Brent Astanga specializes in a variety of styles, including Iyengar and Bhakti Yoga.

Mickey Duran

Former dancer and actress Mickey Duran began her yoga journey 15 years ago after falling in love with the spiritual side of yoga.

She has been mentored by yoga practitioners and is now an established Los Angeles yoga instructor, inspiring countless students online and in person at some of the most visited studios – and she is committed to doing the same with Yoga52.

David Regelin

David Regelin has gained a huge following for his “multi-intensive” experience, a dynamic style of yoga that has made him one of the most sought-after instructors in New York City.

He was recently named one of America’s 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers for his subtle precision and emphasis on the physical elements of yoga.

Marie Grujic

Marie Grujicic, a native of Paris, immigrated to the United States for a career in Hollywood, as an actress and yoga student.

After 10 years of extensive training with some of the biggest names in the industry, Mary became an instructor at LA’s most popular studio and is now a leading expert in alignment-based yoga.

What tools do I need for Yoga52?

All you need to get started is a yoga mat. Additional accessories, such as yoga blocks, straps and blankets, can help make some movements easier but optional.

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